Good news comes from the Zhuanghe athletes in Rio Paralympic Games

In the just closed Rio Paralympic Games, athletes Yang Yue and Zhang Lijun from Zhuanghe City won the silver prize respectively, winning the honor for the motherland once again.



Born in 1983 in Qingdui Town, Zhuanghe City, Yang Yue was selected into the disabled track and field team of Liaoning Province in 2002. She broke the world records for many times in the Disability World Athletics Championships, including the one held in Finland, 2015 and the one held in Germany, 2006. On the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and 2012 London Paralympic Games, she won the silver prizes. And this time in Rio, the 33-year-old disabled Yang Yue once again participated into the Games for the country and won the silver prize with the 43.47 meter’s score in the event of women’s F44 discus.



Born in August 31, 1985, in Lizifang Town, Zhuanghe City, Zhang Lijun was selected into women's sitting volleyball team of Liaoning Province in 2001, chosen as the team leader in 2006, then selected into national team in 2007 and won the gold medal in 2008 Beijing Paralympics. In 2012 London Paralympics, she defended the title. In this year’s Rio Paralympics, she defeated American team, Iran team and Rwanda team in the group match, beat Ukraine team in the semi-final but was defeated by American team, winning the silver prize.



It’s said that although the two athletes from Zhuanghe City won the silver prize, their great performance received the consent of the Chinese delegation.