Li Jingping, head of the Municipal Tourism Administration, meets guests from maizuru, Japan

On the morning of August 12, Li Jingping, head of the Municipal Tourism Administration, met Nakai Tetsuya responsible for the revitalization of maizuru ports. The two parties exchanged opinions about strengthening cruise cooperation and tourism exchange.



During the meeting, Nakai said maizuruwelcomed the first foreign cruise in 2013 and was expecting17 cruises in 2016 and 40 in 2017. He hoped that cruise cooperation with Dalian could be carried out in thenear future.



Li Jingpingexpressed his warm welcome to Nakai Tetsuya and his parties and delivered his thanks to Nakai for his wonderful speech at the forum in May. 



Li Jingpingsaid that maizuru was popular with tourists from Dalian for its beauty. Dalian Municipal Tourism Administration would provide active support for their tourism communication and cruise cooperation. Now it is high time that travel agencies should make cruise plan for the next year, and Nakai could communicate with travel agencies to enlist maizuru on the visiting list of Dalian’s cruises.



At last, Li Jingping stressed that next year was the 35th anniversary of the establishment of friendship between Dalian and maizuru, and Dalian would welcomemaizuru to participate in relevant activities of the 28th Sophora japonica-appreciating party and the high-end forum on Sino-Japan tourism so as to promote exchanges and enhance mutual friendship.