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Xiao Shengfeng attended the 8th Sino-German Economic and Technical Cooperation Forum

On June 6, Changhai County Bureau of Work Safety organized all the Party members to hold the deployment meeting on “Party Building Studies”. The meeting conveyed the implementation plan issued by County Party Committee on Party building studies, namely, to study the Party constitution and regulations and to be a qualified Party member, and the guidance on Party building studies issued by County Organs Working Committee.



Head of the Administration and Secretary of Party Committee Miao Huabo made specific requirements on the party building studies in such aspects as the contents, methods and approaches of the studies.



The first was to raise the awareness. Miao Huabo required all the Party members and cadres to attach highly attention to the party building studies, employ the studies into practice and take the Party building studies as the educational practice of the Party's mass line, as another important inner Party educational practice after “Three Stricts and Three Earnests” and as another important measure to transfer centralized education activities into regular ones.



The second was to conduct active learning. Miao required all the Party members to raise ideological awareness, take the Party building studies as the great opportunity for enhancing the ideals and beliefs, improving the ability and quality and strengthening the Party spirit education and as a political task and implement it well. Efforts should also be made to take full advantage of centralized learning and other free time to integrate learning into daily life, earnestly take down notes in an active and in-depth manner and employ the studies into practice.



The third was to set good examples. The key part of Party building studies lies in the education on the Party members and cadres. The leadership of the Administration should take the lead in observing Party constitutions and regulations and all Party members should inspect and improve themselves according to the standards of being a qualified Party member, learn from the models and be a qualified Party member with political belief, good quality, dedication spirit and contributions under strict self-discipline, so as to ensure the substantial results of the Party building studies.