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Lushunkou District Mayor Yi Qingtao met with Sakha (Yakutia) delegation from Russia

In recent days, Lushunkou District Mayor Yi Qingtao met with a Russian delegation from Sakha (Yakutia) Republic headed by State Counsellor Andre Savic Barysau. The two sides made in-depth exchanges on history, economy, tourism and culture. District leaders including Li Jun and Wang Chao attend the meeting.

Yi Qingtao said that China has been keeping a long-standing friendship with Russia and always been affected by Russian culture, especially Lushun, a city with many well-preserved Russian architectures. Lushunkou District has been carrying out in-depth cooperation with Russia in such sectors as shipbuilding, agriculture, port transportation and tourism. Yi hoped that the two sides could continue to expand cooperation and exchanges in culture, economy and trade.

Andre Savic Barysau said that China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Sino-Russian strategic partnership have opened up a broad space for comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, with Lushun serving as a connecting bridge. Andre Savic Barysau hoped that the two sides could enhance communication in economy, trade, culture, tourism and other fields at a higher level.

Andre Savic Barysau presented Russian Legion of Merit to Lu Qihua, a citizen of Lushunkou District, in recognition of her contribution to Sino-Russian exchange in economy, trade and culture.

After the meeting, Yi Qingtao received an interview with the Russian media reporters on the issues including the improvement on the project of Russian town under construction and on the projects concerning agriculture, medical rehabilitation, retirement and tourism.