By the end of 2018, Chinese yuan and foreign currency deposits in Dalian's financial institutions were 1.41 trillion yuan ($196.90 billion), decreasing 55.87 billion yuan from the beginning of 2018. Chinese yuan deposits amounted 1.36 trillion yuan, decreasing 61.72 billion yuan. Chinese yuan and foreign currency loans increased by 15.1 billion yuan to 1.20 trillion yuan by the end of 2018. 


In 2018, the inter-bank foreign exchange market in the city had 244 operations and handled 1,218 foreign exchange transactions amounting to $1.52 billion. Cross-border transactions settled by Chinese yuan reached 29.19 billion yuan.


Insurers in Dalian reported premium income of 32.97 billion yuan in 2018, up 18.9 percent year-on-year. Property insurance premium income was 7.89 billion yuan, up 8 percent. Life insurance premium income was 25.08 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8 percent. Insurance compensation paid was 9.56 billion yuan in 2018, decreasing by 3.2 percent.


The turnover of equities and other securities in Dalian was 4.02 trillion yuan in 2018, surging 41 percent year-on-year. Total turnover at the A-share market was 1.24 trillion yuan, a decrease of 14.2 percent. Turnover of bonds and repurchases transactions was 2.70 trillion yuan, almost double that of 2017. The trading volume of funds in the city in 2018 was 79.98 billion yuan in 2018, up 7 percent year-on-year.


In 2018, the volume of futures trading in Dalian was 1.10 billion lots, with a turnover of 52 trillion yuan. The annual settlement for futures contracts reached 224,000 lots.


There were 93 companies listed on the China's National Equities Exchange and Quotations, also known as the New Third Board, including 11 new listed companies in 2018.