Dalian Has Issued 12 Policies and Measures to Support the Stable Development of Aquatic Cold Chain Industry

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the aquatic product processing and sales and cold chain logistics industry in Dalian have been greatly affected. With the control of the epidemic, the aquatic product cold chain industry in our city has been in trouble again after the "July 22" epidemic, which has also affected the image of the aquatic product industry in our city. According to the instructions of the municipal leaders, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce led the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Dalian Customs and other units to form a draft of policies and measures for comments on the basis of full investigation. Yesterday, Dalian formally issued 12 policies and measures to support the stable development of aquatic product processing and sales and cold chain logistics industry. Focusing on easing the burden on enterprises, opening up green channels, supporting enterprises to develop markets and boosting market consumption confidence, the adverse impact of the epidemic on the industry will be effectively reduced, and the competitiveness and overall image of Dalian seafood brands will be enhanced.


Stable employment. For small and medium-sized micro-enterprises in the aquatic cold chain industry that meet the conditions for job stabilization and return of unemployment insurance, the return standard will be raised to 100% of the unemployment insurance premiums paid by enterprises and their employees last year. For insured enterprises that are facing temporary production and operation difficulties and are expected to recover, insist on not laying off or reducing layoffs, and take effective measures to stabilize their jobs, they will be given a stable job return according to the 6-month local monthly unemployment insurance per capita and the number of insured workers.


Encourage employment. For aquatic cold chain enterprises that absorb registered unemployed personnel for more than half a year or college graduates in the graduation year for employment, and sign labor contracts for more than one year and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with regulations, a one-time employment subsidy of 2,500 yuan/person shall be given in accordance with regulations.


Lower port charges. On the basis of the fee reduction in 2019, the two ports operation and service charges for container cargo port charges and port facility security charges will be reduced by 20%. For imported refrigerated heavy containers (except dangerous goods and cold dry goods) stored at the container terminal of Dalian Port, 20% discount will be given for the usage fee of the warehouse for more than 3 days.


Reduce processing trade costs. During the epidemic period, except that laws, regulations, rules and other provisions require the collection of risk guarantee funds, enterprises do not collect risk guarantee funds in principle when handling processing trade-related businesses. From April 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020 (subject to the declaration time of domestic sales of enterprises), interest on domestic sales deferred tax will be temporarily exempted for processing trade goods sold by enterprises in domestic sales.


Strengthen financial support. For cold chain and aquatic industry enterprises that have encountered temporary difficulties, they will not take out loans, continue to lend or press loans. To guide financing guarantee companies to increase their support to cold chain and aquatic products and other industries greatly affected by the epidemic. The comprehensive financing cost of small and micro enterprises dropped by more than 0.5 percentage points from last year.


Improve the inspection and testing speed of cold chain logistics. Under the condition of meeting the epidemic prevention and control, the nucleic acid detection and quarantine inspection process will be optimized, and a "7 × 24-hour" appointment customs clearance service will be provided. Enterprises will be encouraged to declare to the customs in advance after confirming the transmission of manifests and before the goods arrive at Hong Kong, and complete the procedures of document review and tax payment during the transportation of goods. We will further improve the informatization level of cold chain logistics customs clearance and intensify the paperless process of bills of lading.


Optimize the procedures for handling taxes on domestic sales. For domestic goods sold in processing trade, the "Domestic Sales Tax Contact Form" processing link will be cancelled. For processing trade enterprises outside the special customs supervision area that meet the conditions to go through the domestic sales declaration and tax payment procedures on a monthly basis, they can complete the declaration and tax payment procedures within 15 days after the end of the quarter on the premise that they do not exceed the validity period of the manual or the deadline for the write-off of account books.


Optimize the efficiency of export tax rebate processing. Relying on the export tax rebate online service center, the "7 × 24-hour" online intelligent tax rebate has shortened the average time limit for tax rebate processing to 3 working days for eligible aquatic products enterprises. To carry out export tax rebate capacity processing, all businesses can be handled online, but paper materials can not be submitted for the time being, and supplementary reports can be made after the epidemic prevention and control is completed. For special businesses such as the first declaration, tax rebates can be made before on-site verification.


Support advertising. Aquatic product processing enterprises focus on independent brand building and product marketing, carry out publicity through traditional media, online media and other means, give priority support to the 2020 publicity expenses through the special policy of "three products" in the consumer goods industry, and give subsidies at no more than 25% of the advertising expenses, with a subsidy ceiling of 2 million yuan for a single enterprise.


Support to participate in the exhibition. Aquatic product processing enterprises are encouraged to participate in important domestic professional (special) exhibitions and fairs such as Qingdao Fishery Expo and Shanghai Fishery Expo, so as to promote the shift of the development focus of enterprises to domestic sales. Priority support is given through the special policy of "three products" in the consumer goods industry, and subsidies are given according to no more than 50% of the actual booth fees or rents incurred by enterprises.


Support research and development of new products. Aquatic product processing enterprises cooperate with third parties to develop new products, increase new varieties, improve product quality and expand market sales. Through the special policy of "three products" in the consumer goods industry, priority is given to supporting the entrusted development fees in 2020. Subsidies of not more than 50% are given according to the actual entrusted development and design fees incurred by enterprises, with a subsidy ceiling of 500,000 yuan for a single enterprise.


Dalian International Seafood Festival will be held, and online and offline promotion activities such as tasting, live broadcast, online sales and dinner performances will be carried out to publicize and promote Dalian seafood enterprises and products and boost market consumption confidence. Give full play to the publicity advantages of global sources' digital foreign trade service platform, support aquatic product enterprises to enter, set up special zones to promote, and enhance the brand image of enterprises. Encourage trade associations to speak out for the seafood industry, organize enterprises to release product testing information, take the lead in establishing food and seafood brand standards and service platforms in our city, and organize groups to participate in important domestic professional exhibitions.


The above 12 policies and measures are applicable to aquatic product processing and sales and cold chain logistics enterprises registered within Dalian, with independent legal person status and engaged in normal production and operation. At the same time of release, the responsible unit of each measure was announced, valid until December 31, 2020.