Dalian Financial Industry Launched 7 Measures to Support Enterprises to Cope with the Impact of the COVID-19

Yesterday, it was learned that in order to effectively deal with the impact of the current epidemic situation, the Municipal Financial Development Bureau, Dalian Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China and Dalian Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau jointly issued a document a few days ago, launching seven measures to further strengthen comprehensive financial services, support the stable production and operation of enterprises in our city, and safeguard the overall situation of stable economic development in the city.


Strengthen the Use of Policy Tools


Financial institutions should make full use of 1 trillion refinancing and rediscount funds, give priority to meeting the capital needs of key epidemic prevention enterprises, and ensure the stable supply of production and living materials. We will increase credit support and focus on foreign trade, accommodation, catering, transportation, tourism and entertainment, aquatic products processing and other industries that are greatly affected by the epidemic and material supply guarantee, so as to effectively stabilize the normal production and operation of enterprises in our city.


Meet the Reasonable Financing Needs of Enterprises


For enterprises greatly affected by the epidemic situation, it is necessary to establish a fast channel for financial services, shorten the processing time limit and improve the processing efficiency. For small and medium-sized micro-enterprises that have temporarily encountered difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, they are not allowed to blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans or press loans. For small and medium-sized micro-enterprises seriously affected by the epidemic, if it is difficult to repay the loan at maturity, they should extend or renew the loan. For the principal of small and micro loans due from June 1 to December 31 and the interest payable on the existing small and micro loans, the loan term shall be extended to March 31, 2021 at the longest. We will increase loans to small and micro enterprises, increase the proportion of credit loans, first loans and non-repayment loans for small and micro enterprises, and give priority to meeting the financing needs of enterprises affected by the epidemic. Five large state-owned commercial banks will strive to increase loans to small and micro enterprises in their affiliated branches by more than 40%. The People's Bank of China will provide 1% of the principal of deferred loans to local legal person banks as incentives, and will provide preferential funds to eligible local legal person banks according to 40% of the principal of small and micro credit loans actually issued.


Reduce the Comprehensive Financing Cost of Small and Micro Enterprises


For small and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic and having difficulties in production and operation, they will take the initiative to reduce or exempt various service charges. For the expenses that should be borne by the bank independently, the bank shall bear the full amount; If the bank and the enterprise should share the burden, the proportion of the burden shall be determined through negotiation, and no mandatory agreement shall be made to transfer the burden. We will improve the cost sharing and income sharing mechanism, dynamically adjust the internal fund transfer price, implement preferential measures for the internal fund transfer price of small and micro enterprise loans, and strive to significantly reduce the comprehensive financing cost of inclusive small and micro enterprise loans in 2020 compared with 2019.


Improve the Efficiency and Level of Credit Services


On the premise of controllable risks, the materials that need to be submitted by the applicant for handling various credit businesses are immediately reduced if they can be reduced, adjusted and merged into one copy, and customers are no longer required to provide those that can be retrieved and verified through the network. On the premise of timely cooperation and supplement of materials by applicants, compliance with regulatory requirements and controllable risks, the average internal processing time of Small and Micro Enterprise Mortgage Bank will be reduced to 8 working days. Other types of loan businesses will be optimized by comparison.


Accelerate the Innovation of Financial Products


Make full use of the bank-tax interaction, bank-gold interaction, bank-related activities, bank-business cooperation, medical insurance loans, government procurement loans and other product service modes to reduce the credit threshold. We will support the high-end development of software and information services in our city, support the financing of small and medium-sized micro-enterprise industrial chains and supply chains in the industrial chains of equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and marine economy, innovate and improve the mortgage and pledge businesses of accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, and explore the "three orders" financing based on export orders, export tax rebate forms and credit insurance policies.


Increase Support for Insurance Guarantee


According to the specific situation of the extent to which small and medium-sized micro-enterprises are affected by the epidemic, relevant exclusive insurance products with strong pertinence will be developed to further improve the coverage of export credit insurance, increase the risk protection for export small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, explore innovative and effective claim settlement methods, and ensure that insured customers receive timely and convenient claim settlement services.


Ensure Continuous and Stable Financial Services


Reasonable arrangement of business outlets and time, to ensure the stable operation of basic financial services and key infrastructure, for temporary closure or adjustment of business hours of outlets, take the initiative to make explanations, provide alternative solutions.