Dalian Has Fully Implemented the Lifelong Vocational Skills Training System

Recently, learned from the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau that our city has issued an implementation plan to implement the lifelong vocational skills training system. The plan aims to thoroughly implement the requirements of the state and the province to implement the lifelong vocational skills training system, establish and implement a vocational skills training system that covers all workers in urban and rural areas, runs through the whole life of workers' study and work, and meets the needs of the growth of skilled talents, so as to push the vocational skills training work in our city to a new level in the new era.


The Plan is divided into 4 parts and proposes 17 specific measures. One is to speed up the construction of a lifelong vocational skills training system, propose to improve the lifelong vocational skills training policy and improve the organization and implementation of lifelong vocational skills training two systems, to promote and strengthen the employment of key groups of vocational skills, enterprise employees' job skills upgrading, high-skilled personnel, entrepreneurship and innovation training four types of training; The second is to deepen the reform of the system and mechanism of vocational skills training, proposing to establish and perfect the market-oriented socialization development of vocational skills training, perfect the multiple evaluation of skilled personnel, perfect the quality evaluation and supervision of vocational skills training, and construct four mechanisms of multi-channel incentive for skills upgrading. The third is to improve the basic ability of vocational skills training, and propose to strengthen the service ability of vocational skills training, strengthen the carrier and platform of vocational skills training, and strengthen the construction of vocational skills training teaching resources. The fourth is to improve the safeguard measures for lifelong vocational skills training, and put forward four safeguard requirements: strengthening organizational leadership, ensuring public finance, expanding funding channels, and creating a good social environment.


Vocational skills training is a fundamental measure to comprehensively improve the employment and entrepreneurship ability of workers, alleviate the structural contradiction of shortage of skilled talents, and improve the quality of employment. It is also an inherent requirement to adapt to high-quality economic development, cultivate new momentum for economic development, and promote structural reform on the supply side. The implementation of the lifelong vocational skills training system will strongly promote the overall improvement of the quality of workers in the city, thus promoting employment, entrepreneurship and economic and social development in the city. It will have a significant and far-reaching impact on promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the city, improving total factor productivity and pushing the economy to a new level.