A 24-hour "Full-time" Online Approval Service will be Launched after the "Second Approval" Service

In order to meet the new demand for government services and further improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval, a few days ago, the comprehensive service hall of Dalian Free Trade Zone officially launched a 24-hour online examination and approval service, which is another important service measure launched by Dalian Free Trade Zone after Dalian Free Trade Zone launched 24-hour offline self-service. The policy accepted 85 online applications from enterprises on the night of its introduction, of which 40 were immediately approved in a "standardized" way, including 12 new enterprises and 28 changed enterprises. So far, despite the impact of the epidemic, 3,363 new enterprises have been added to Dalian's free trade zone since this year, accounting for 20% of the city's enterprise registration. On average, 30 enterprises have settled in the free trade zone every day.


The 24-hour online examination and approval service in Dalian Free Trade Zone adopts a "3 +1" shift system, with 3 accepting personnel and 1 examination and approval personnel working continuously at night, thus realizing "full coverage" of working hours and improving the examination and approval efficiency by more than 50%. Enterprises in need within the jurisdiction can submit application materials online 24 hours a day. Backstage staff will conduct online examination and approval according to the application. If they encounter difficult problems in the process of remote business handling, they can also call the service hotline for consultation.


On April 1 this year, Dalian Free Trade Zone officially launched "Opinions on the Implementation of Enterprise Registration Confirmation System in Dalian Free Trade Zone", It is the first time in the country to use standardized procedures to realize full coverage of the administrative confirmation system. It is desirable for enterprises to provide standard texts in the application materials link, to realize automatic examination and approval in the background processing link, to realize intelligent confirmation in the terminal system link, and to realize instant approval in the license issuance link. Subject qualification registration bid farewell to manual examination and approval, and enterprise registration can realize "second batch". This innovative measure has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of 24-hour online examination and approval service.


It is understood that since Dalian District of Liaoning Free Trade Experimental Zone was approved in September 2016, 28,100 new enterprises have been added, 4.86 times as many as before approval. The total registered capital was 0.31 trillion yuan, 6.7 times that before approval. Among them, 27,800 were domestic-funded enterprises, 4.92 times as many as before approval. The total registered capital is 0.3 trillion yuan, 8 times that before approval. There were 376 foreign-funded enterprises, up 170.5% from before approval, with a total registered capital of 8.134 billion US dollars, four times that before approval.