Dalian Customs Launches 10 Measures to Support the Development of Aquatic Foreign Trade Industry

Dalian Customs held an on-the-spot meeting yesterday to implement the tasks of "six stability" and "six guarantees" and promote the development of Dalian's aquatic trade industry (video). At that meet, Dalian Customs has launched 10 measures, including "expanding the scope of application of the" big manual "supervision mode based on enterprises in aquatic products enterprises", "establishing a long-term mechanism for counterpart assistance of" 100 people and 1,000 enterprises "," setting up the country's first centralized examination center for processing trade in aquatic products industry "," adding bonded warehouses and export supervision warehouses for aquatic products as needed "and" promoting the facilitation of domestic sales of aquatic products enterprises ". Through the combination of policies to benefit enterprises, the adverse effects of the epidemic situation will be reduced, the business environment will be optimized, and the stable development of Dalian's aquatic trade industry will be promoted.


According to customs statistics, in 2019, Dalian's total import and export value of aquatic products was 29.05 billion yuan, accounting for more than 10% of the country's total. Among them, the import and export of processing trade was 16.79 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the national aquatic product processing trade. Last year, Dalian Customs took Zhuanghe Customs as a pilot and adopted a series of reform measures to help enterprises actively cope with the impact of China-US trade frictions, with remarkable results. The total import and export value of Zhuanghe aquatic product processing trade increased by 12.8% against the trend.


The "Big Manual" is a processing trade supervision reform measure that Dalian Customs is actively promoting. Since the model was tried out in Zhuanghe area last year, it has simplified the customs processing trade supervision procedures and improved efficiency and reduced fees for enterprises. "Big Manual" sets up an electronic account book with enterprises as units, Aquatic products processing trade enterprises can no longer use the traditional contract management manual based on a single fixed variety, specification or product style. Bonded materials can be allocated completely according to market demand and production cycle, and bonded imported materials such as unit consumption, material consumption list and work order can be selected independently. All accounting is automatically completed in electronic account books. The person in charge of Dalian Xinsheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Said that the enterprise has a large number of aquatic product processing categories and orders. Through the management of the "big manual" of the customs, all bonded processing procedures can be completed with only one electronic account book, bringing about a standardized and streamlined development effect.


The implementation of the "Big Manual" management will greatly reduce the number of enterprise manuals; reduce customs clearance costs and procedural violations. This year, Zhuanghe Customs will continue to expand and increase its coverage rate to more than 60%. At the same time, the "Big Manual" management mode will be extended to aquatic products enterprises in the entire Dalian region, and the coverage rate in Jinpu Customs and Harbor Customs will reach 30% respectively within the year.


After the outbreak of the epidemic, Dalian Customs launched the counterpart assistance measures of "one hundred people, one thousand enterprises, one enterprise, one policy" to build a new bridge between customs and enterprises, effectively solve the difficulties and demands of import and export enterprises, and learn, study and solve the problems raised by enterprises in the first place. Each of Dalian's 127 aquatic products enterprises is equipped with a coordinator to implement "housekeeping" service, so as to unblock the "blocking points" and "difficulties" encountered in the development of enterprises under the current environment as soon as possible and help enterprises to speed up the resumption of work and production.


In combination with the prominent proportion of Dalian's aquatic product processing industry in the country, Dalian Customs has tried to set up a "centralized audit (aquatic product industry) operation center for bonded supervision of processing trade" in Zhuanghe, which will centralize the audit business originally scattered in 13 subordinate customs into one center. Through intensive management and overall allocation of human resources, optimize the operation process, strengthen the overall function, and realize the professional and standardized management of aquatic product industry processing trade and bonded supervision business in the whole customs area. The new model is expected to increase the average time limit for customs review by about 40% to achieve win-win results for customs enterprises.


Relevant officials of Dalian Customs said that the center highlights Dalian's characteristics, makes full use of Zhuanghe Customs' experience in aquatic product management and gives full play to the information transmission and feedback advantages of Zhuanghe Aquatic Industry Association, which is currently the first of its kind in the country.