“Four Mechanisms” were optimized to promote safety Lushun by Lushunkou District

        In the cause of building up “Safe Lushun”, Lushunkou District has decided to optimize “Four Mechanisms” as its intensified efforts to maintain the social security and improve the control system. In order to achieve social security and stability, the government mainly focuses on taking precautions and filling the loopholes at source.


        First, improve the study and determination mechanism for better analyzing the situation of social security. All the departments involved will implement such policies as joint investigation, pinpointing vital parts, and establishing governance coordination and security information sharing, in order that the government can control the social situation anytime. The government has also been assessing the risks in social stability, collecting information about social security for better prediction, which shows its initiatives to security work.


        Second, improve actual combat and command mechanism. Adequate preparations will be made to integrate the comprehensive functions of social security control technology network with police force, with the aim of forming a quick response system and a timely, accurate and effective governance system, which can cope with emergency, resolve conflicts and disputes and solve varied cases.


        Third, improve linking mechanism of all departments. Concerted efforts should be made by related departments of judicial, police, security and comprehensive administration to control social security. If one case concerns a certain department, all the others should make a move in the security guarding work, especially the conspicuous issues concerning illegal trade, abduction, theft, prostitution, gambling, drugs and online fraud, illegal pyramid selling, illegal money pooling, food safety and air pollution. The government will gather the efforts of the entire society to achieve comprehensive governance.


        Fourth, improve logistic support mechanism. The government will endeavor to optimize the social security system in an all-round way, incorporating into the system such basic units as streets, communities, etc. Sufficient guarantee including labor force, commodity and capital will be provided to enhance the construction of infrastructure, technological precaution device and equipment in the security governance work.