The 2015 meeting of Admissions Committee as well as High School and National College Entrance Examination opened up in Lushunkou DistrictThe 2015 meet

        On June 2rd, the meeting of Admissions Committee as well as High School and National College Entrance Examination opened up in Lushunkou District. This meeting intended to arrange the works of those two examinations and ensured the safety and success of High School Entrance Examination as well as College Entrance Examination in the district. Moreover, it was conducted under the spirits of the videophone conference by Department of Education on strengthening the comprehensive regulation of National Educational Examination.


        As far as we know, National College Entrance Examination will be held in June 7th and June 8th this year. At that time, 1195 students in the district will participate in the exam. High School Entrance Examination will be hold in June 27th and June 28th when 2116 students in the district will take the examination. Till now, the examinations of the broadcasting system and safe room in the testing sites as well as the debugging of the jammer and handle type metal detector have been finished. Staffs from Admission Department and testing sites are in the preparation of examination works and the specialists are assigned to be responsible for the work of debugging and operating the video monitoring system. All works are proceeding in perfect order.


        During the meeting, the public security, power supply and Desheng Street have all made their position statements. The units like Education Bureau and the Electricity Bureau signed their liability forms to ensure the safety of High School Entrance Examination and College Entrance Examination in 2015.


        Guo Xiaodi, vice governor of Lushunkou District, emphasized that the 2014 admission works of Lushunkou District have been a success and received appreciation from the municipal admissions department with the cooperation of departments involved. This year, we have already been aware of the severe condition and importance of the work. Therefore, each department should shoulder their responsibility and strengthen the cooperation. In this way, we can give full play to the headquarters over these two examinations. Departments of public security as well as industry and commerce, etc. should continue to improve the surrounding environments of testing sites. All relevant departments shall give top priority to the safety of two exams and take all effective measures to ensure the safety of examination papers, candidates and testing sites. During the examinations, all relevant organizations should ensure that the organization, staff, responsibility and deployment are all in right positions. In that case, the harmonious environment and success can be guaranteed during the two 2015 examinations in our district.