2015 Work Safety Month of Lushunkou District is officially launched

        Recently, 2015 Work Safety Month of Lushunkou District is officially launched. June of this year marks the fourteenth “Work Safety Month”. According to the unified deployment of the state, province and our city, the Security Committee of our district plans and organizes a series of publicity and education activities with distinct themes and abundant contents among the whole district.


        On May 31st, Lushunkou Newspaper published two articles, A Letter from District Secretary and District Governor to Entrepreneurs and A Pep Rally Speech of Vice District Governor Liu Baode about “Work Safety Month”. From June 1st to June 30th, Lushun TV-1 broadcasts a public service advertisement about work safety every night. On June 2nd and June 3rd, Lushun TV-2 broadcasts a thematic film, Stepping out of the Danger-respect the law and maintain safety in conformity with the law.


        Besides, our district will also carry out other activities, including “6.16” consulting day of work safety, special administration of work safety, caution education of work safety accidents, safety drill of emergent schemes, construction of safety culture, visits of thousands of cadres from Administration of Work Safety to thousands of companies, thematic report on work safety, etc. Through these activities, we intend to ascertain responsibility, disseminate safety knowledge, carry forward safety culture, expose illegal production and management, deepen the implementation of Work Safety Law, intensify the consciousness of the “forbidden border”, improve safety awareness of all citizens and reach the goal of preventing major and serious accidents.