Provide Exchange Platform and Promote Construction Issues

        In order to enhance the leadership on the construction of safe community in the whole city, improve the ability of construction and accelerate the transformation from practice-oriented way to system-oriented one, recently, the Administration of Work Safety of Dalian has coordinated and organized information exchange activities among different sub-districts in Dalian city, different districts and bureaus, and different sub-districts out of Dalian city and partial sub-districts in Dalian city.


        During the course of exchange and learning, some well-directed and strong operational experience was put forward by many departments and institutions. For example, the Sub-district of Qingniwa Bridge in Zhong Shan District set up the Property Management Association to ensure the public safety; Xinggong Street in Shahekou District strengthened work planning to achieve the whole-process and delicacy management on review work; Jinzhou New District focused on the operational mode of whole-area creation, which provided excellent experience for the regions without the whole-area creation mode; etc. What’s more, the Bao’an Sub-district in Shenzhen City introduced their experience and mentioned that “Three-small” places should be managed by setting multi-phase working goals, instead of by employing the one-size-fits-all method. They categorized the “Three-small” places into four grades, grade A, B, C and D, implemented and promoted step by step, thus achieving the work task of “eliminating D, rectifying C, maintaining B and approaching A”, which has been acknowledged by the representatives.


         Next, the Administration of Work Safety of Dalian will gradually summarize and popularize the successful experience of basic units, and promote the transformation of achievements. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to regularly organize relevant exchange activities, further widen our horizon and thought on the building of basic units, enhance inner contact, and promote working innovation, with the aim to improve the quality of the construction and levels of safety on communities in the whole city.