"Tomorrow Plan" Guards Orphans in Dalian

Recently, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau organized 43 children to undergo a comprehensive free physical examination of internal medicine, surgery and other items in the Physical Examination Center of Dalian Children's Hospital. According to the growth and development characteristics of children of different ages, the Municipal Children's Hospital has tailored personalized physical examination packages for children. During the physical examination, the doctor made detailed inquiries, carefully examined, gave guidance and suggestions according to the situation found in the physical examination, and patiently answered the health questions raised by the guardian.


It is reported that the "Tomorrow Plan" is organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and supported by the Welfare Lottery Public Welfare Fund. It was implemented in 2004. At the beginning, it is mainly aimed at orphans aged 0-18 and orphans and disabled children with surgical indications in welfare institutions that are still studying in schools after reaching the age of 18 to help them reintegrate into society and return to family life. In March 2019, the scope of "Tomorrow Plan" relief will be extended to scattered orphans in the society, and the types of diseases to be treated will be expanded from surgical correction to general medical rehabilitation and health examination programs. According to the allocation of funds from the superior's "Tomorrow Plan", the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau generally organizes free medical examinations for special children every winter and summer vacation. Since the expansion of the "Tomorrow Plan" relief scope in 2019, our city has invested nearly one million yuan, with more than 160 orphans and virtually unattended children becoming beneficiaries. Among them, more than 20 people went to designated hospitals at the ministerial level for surgical treatment, more than 100 people took part in rehabilitation training, and more than 10 children recovered from surgery were adopted by loving families.


At present, some funds in Dalian can be used for the "Tomorrow Plan". Eligible children can apply to the Charity Social Work Child Welfare Department of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau before the middle of November.