Counterpart Support and Medical Assistance Show Benevolence

Lvchun County in Yunnan Province is located in the south of Yunnan, bordering Vietnam and Laos. It is located deep in the mountains, with an average altitude of 1500 meters. The mountain roads are tortuous and steep. Although the rural roads have been repaired in recent years, it still takes six or seven hours for the farthest village to drive to Lvchun County Hospital. If you go to the superior state hospital or Kunming hospital, it will take more time. It can be said that Lvchun County People's Hospital is the first stop for the medical needs of nearly 240,000 people in the county. Therefore, the medical technology level of the county hospital directly affects the health level of the local people to a certain extent. In April 2020, the 967th Hospital of the People's Liberation Army sent a medical team composed of six key doctors to Lvchun County to start their six-month counterpart support professional medical assistance work.


More than 98% of Lvchun County are ethnic minorities, mainly Hani and Yi. The local people have a traditional habit of carrying things with a basket. The rope of the basket is directly wrapped around the forehead to help force them. Daily necessities, daily crops and even young children are often placed in the basket, which leads to great pressure on the cervical vertebra and spine of the user. In addition, the local people like to play mahjong in their spare time and often sit for half a day or a day. These bad living habits make more and more local patients with spinal degeneration. However, due to limited medical conditions, the Department of Orthopaedics of Lvchun County People's Hospital is relatively backward in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal degeneration diseases. Zhang Yongzhao, a spinal surgeon, found this problem when he came to Lvchun County People's Hospital. He began to help the local area to carry out new technologies and new businesses and gave away his knowledge and experience without reservation. Over the past few months, local doctors have made great progress in their professional skills and have successfully carried out many new operations.


There is a middle-aged woman surnamed Su who has neck pain accompanied by dizziness for more than one year and aggravated limb weakness for January. The patient has been to the superior state hospital and several major hospitals in Kunming before and after, and was diagnosed as cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Surgical treatment is recommended. However, patients lack medical knowledge, fear surgery, and suffer from long-term pain. It is said that a big expert came to the local hospital and could enjoy the medical resources brought by experts from the tertiary hospital without leaving the house. The patient went to Zhang Yongzhao as soon as possible. Zhang Yongzhao's condition analysis led the patient to decide to undergo surgical treatment in Lvchun County People's Hospital. On the day of the operation, many doctors came to observe the first independently completed anterior cervical discectomy and intervertebral fusion and internal fixation in the strict sense of the Department of Orthopaedics of the County People's Hospital. During the operation, Zhang Yongzhao's skillful operation impressed the medical staff present. It took less than two hours, bleeding about 50ml, and the operation was successfully completed. About one week after the operation, the patient was discharged smoothly. At present, the patient has recovered well after regular reexamination. With the successful development of this operation, everyone spread from one generation to another. The local people all knew that a spine orthopaedic expert had come to Lvchun County People's Hospital. Many people came to visit the cervical spine and lumbar spine in the outpatient department. There were many more patients than before.


Lvchun County has jurisdiction over 1 town and 8 townships. It is a small town built in the mountains. Including the county seat, all are built on the mountain. Behind many houses are steep hillsides, with rugged and winding mountain roads and narrow and steep roads. The main means of transportation for local people to travel is motorcycles. In addition, it is rainy season for almost half a year, which is often rainy and sometimes can last for 3 months without interruption. Therefore, there are many patients with spinal compression fracture and limb fracture caused by various car accidents and falling injuries. In the past, for those spinal compression fractures, either conservative treatment and strict bed rest were selected, or traditional open surgery was selected, which resulted in large surgical trauma. Especially for those elderly people, the surgical tolerance was poor, the risk was high, the recovery was slow, and there were many postoperative complications. The arrival of Zhang Yongzhao has brought another new technology to the Department of Orthopaedics of the local hospital-percutaneous puncture and kyphoplasty, which is a real minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of elderly spinal compression fractures. Up to now, 7 operations have been successfully carried out, all patients have recovered well, the preoperative pain symptoms are obviously relieved immediately after a simple operation, and the waistline can be worn to the ground 3 hours after the operation. The common people feel very magical about this and express their admiration and gratitude to Zhang Yongzhao for his superb skills.


"Giving people fish also teaching people fish" and "Blood transfusion also helps hematopoiesis!" This is the concept that Zhang Yongzhao has always adhered to when carrying out medical assistance work in Lvchun County People's Hospital. He knows very well that the time for poverty alleviation work is limited, and the assistance work should be reflected in the technical assistance and the renewal of concepts. Therefore, he tries his best to focus on the demonstration and training of new technologies, the refinement of medical quality, and the guidance of medical and nursing concepts. In just over four months, Zhang Yongzhao completed more than 60 difficult operations in the local hospital, It brought 5 new technologies and new businesses to the department. The outpatient department diagnosed and treated more than 600 patients, participated in the training of trauma first aid knowledge in 3 township hospitals, went to the countryside for 4 times, went deep into remote villages, explained medical knowledge to the local people, guided the prevention and medication of common and frequently-occurring diseases, and provided diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic related diseases for hundreds of people.