Lvshunkou District Major Project "No Rest" in Festivals

Yesterday, the main structure of part of Shimao Huanhai City Project in the jurisdiction of Shuishiying Street in Lvshunkou District was being capped. The construction site saw machines roaring, engineering vehicles and watering vehicles shuttling back and forth, and the workers were busy at the construction site. During the double-festival period, the construction of major key projects in Lvshunkou District will not stop and will continue to work. All efforts will be made to seize the time and ensure the progress to ensure the completion and delivery of the projects on schedule.


The relevant person in charge of Shimao Huanhai City Project site said that the construction of the project has entered a critical period at present. After the top is capped, all the work will be stepped up. All the employees participating in the construction will give up their vacations and shift work and fight on the construction front line to ensure the timely completion of all the construction tasks. The relevant person in charge of the navy battalion street also provided "guaranteed" services at the scene. The person in charge said that due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the resumption of work of seven key projects in the Navy Camp Street has been delayed. The streets have fully implemented nanny services for enterprises by "including projects, helping enterprises, ensuring growth and promoting development". Each project unit has also achieved steady and rapid progress in project construction through practical measures such as reverse schedule, detailed schedule and overtime work.


At the construction site of the second phase of the big locomotive project in Lvshun Development Zone, workers are also racing against time to press the "fast forward" key for festival construction. The person in charge at the scene said that all efforts would be made to ensure that the construction of the main factory building and the auxiliary factory building would be completed by the end of the year and put into production by the end of When completed and put into operation, the annual production capacity of 400 new locomotives will be formed, including 300 electric locomotives, 100 diesel locomotives and 100 overhauled locomotives.


At the project sites of Huayang Encyclopedia Phase II and Demaishi's new factory building in Lushun Development Zone, we can see that the project is also in full swing.


Lvshunkou District is focusing on the construction of "two cities, two districts and one hub", speeding up the establishment of an economic operation order suitable for epidemic prevention and control, strengthening the leader, supplementing the chain, seizing the time and ensuring the construction period, taking large projects as the starting point, speeding up the project construction and ensuring the timely completion of the set targets for the whole year.