Shahekou District Held Art Party

Shahekou District's "Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese Feelings"—Art Party was staged passionately in the New Hope Community Square in Xinghai Bay Street. The cultural volunteer team composed of teachers from professional colleges and universities in our city and the literary elites who have been active on the national, provincial and municipal stages all the year round have brought wonderful programs such as songs, poem recitation, suona horn and saxophone. At the scene, one climax after another was set off, presenting the audience with a feast of elegant art and warm holiday wishes.


This performance is jointly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of Shahekou District Party Committee and the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, and hosted by the District Culture and Tourism Bureau and Xinghai Bay Sub-district Office. It is also the closing work of the high art "entering the community" activity. As a key livelihood project in Shahekou District in 2020, with the full leadership of the government and the active participation of the public welfare cultural team and the whole society, the "Three Enters" of high art took more than 2 months to complete a series of activities of "entering the business circle" and "entering the community", which have received widespread attention and love from the society. The performances and display activities that are grounded, popular and morale-boosting have built up an accurate distribution network of a high-quality and efficient public cultural service system, enriched the supply of excellent public cultural products, met the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people in the jurisdiction, and demonstrated the good trend of the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings in Shahekou District.