Shahekou District Launches Normalization Measures to Keep Civilized City Creation "Online"

On October 9, Shahekou District held a working meeting on the normalization of civilized city creation to consider and pass the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Normalization of Civilized City Creation in Shahekou District". The "Implementation Opinions" are based on the "National Civilized City Evaluation System", In combination with the daily work and current key work of the whole region, aiming at the outstanding problems and weak links in the construction of civilized cities, 21 special actions in 4 categories have been formulated to optimize the urban environment, improve infrastructure, standardize public order and advocate civilized fashion, so as to promote the standardization, normalization and long-term effect of the construction of civilized cities.


During the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Shahekou District's normalization of city creation continued to be "online". The District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau has stepped up efforts to improve the environment of Xi'an Road Commercial Street and its surrounding areas, standardized outreach and put an end to lane-occupying operations. In large farmers' markets in the new Changxing market, cooked food shopping centers and other jurisdictions, law enforcement officers of the District Market Supervision Bureau conducted detailed inspections on food purchase channels, storage, epidemic prevention and control and other links to ensure the "safety on the tip of the tongue" of the people. Volunteer service points will be set up in places with heavy traffic such as Xi'an Road. 168 traffic volunteers will be arranged to stand guard on duty every day to guide pedestrians to travel in a civilized manner, help the elderly, assist parents with children to cross the road, and whistle to retrograde food delivery electric vehicles and parked vehicles.


Officials in Shahekou District said that With the promulgation of the "Opinions on the Implementation of Promoting the Normalization of Civilized City Establishment in Shahekou District", Shahekou District will establish and improve the coordination and linkage mechanism, adhere to the promotion of key work and long-term construction, adhere to the combination of prominent renovation and normal management, and turn the establishment of civilized city into a popular project that will work for a long time and benefit the people.


In terms of optimizing the urban environment, combined with patriotic health campaigns, special environmental sanitation clean-up operations are regularly carried out. Focus on improving the removal mechanism of construction waste and large-scale waste, and promote regular, fixed-point and scheduled emission management methods; Gradually ban open garbage waiting points; Strengthen the source control of "advertising", resolutely eliminate the stock and put an end to rebound. In terms of improving infrastructure, we will comprehensively strengthen the greening, beautification and lighting of urban areas. Strengthen the supervision and maintenance of public facilities; We will focus on promoting the comprehensive renovation of old residential areas and back streets and alleys. We will combine the creation of "Five Good Residential Areas" and "Civilized Buildings and Courtyard" to strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure and improve the overall environment of old residential areas. In the aspect of standardizing public order, we will gradually push forward the standardization of farmers' markets in our jurisdiction to cover all areas. Strengthen supervision of Xi'an Road, Malan Square, cooked food shopping center and other key areas; Perfect the joint logistics linkage mechanism, normally and long-term control traffic order, and continuously improve the "intersection civilization"; In view of illegal construction, enclosure of vegetables, uncivilized dog raising and other acts, a "discovery-report-disposal" ring chain will be established to play the role of prevention and treatment. In the aspect of advocating civilized fashion, we will implement the citizen's moral construction project and build a "3 + X" civilized practice matrix in the new era with many points and a wide range of areas. Promoting the Institutionalization and Normalization of Voluntary Service; Widely carry out "our festival" and other thematic education and civilized practice activities.