Ganjingzi District's Theme Activity Opens in Double Festival

On October 1, when the whole country was celebrating, the last important activity of the 2020 Ganjingzi Shopping Festival, sponsored by Ganjingzi District Government, hosted by Ganjingzi District Bureau of Commerce and Xinzhaizi Street, and co-sponsored by Dalian Leduhui Shopping Center, was staged passionately in Leduhui Commercial Complex of Xinzhaizi Street. Wang Ge, member of the Standing Committee of Ganjingzi District Party Committee and member of the Party Group of the District Government, relevant leaders of the District Bureau of Commerce, leaders of Xinzhaizi Street and relevant leaders of member units of Ganjingzi Shopping Festival Organizing Committee, relevant leaders of member units of Ganjingzi Leading Group for Promoting Night Economic Development, representatives of commercial enterprises, media and the masses attended the event.


With the sound of the deafening water drum, the atmosphere at the scene exploded and the lights were bright. The representative of the enterprise introduced the convenient and preferential measures for double-festival hi-purchase. Wang Ge, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and the Party Group of the District Party Committee, delivered an enthusiastic speech. After that, all the guests pressed the starting device together, and the theme activity opened with passion!


The activity site is antique and fashionable. There is not only the elegant atmosphere of Jinghong Drum, but also the modern movement of street dance. There is not only the elegant flavor of Guzheng flute, but also the elegant and flexible style of Chinese clothing. Ganjingzi's famous calligrapher came to the scene and splashed ink to write "Rain and Dew Moisten the Land of China", wishing the motherland prosperity. The first show in Northeast China, the 5-meter super-giant bright moon lift-off performance, Chang'e beauty real person flying to the moon, stunning the night sky. When does a bright moon have a water tune, it once again reflects the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. Ten mysterious Tang costume beauties quietly took the stage and danced lightly, bringing a flash show of Tang costume across time and space, allowing you to dream back to Datang and feel the traditional Chinese culture. When all the people sing together about me and my motherland, let the grand ceremony of the activity reach a climax!


It is reported that the holding of this activity in Ganjingzi District is a useful attempt and practical action to implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on "six stability" and "six guarantees". It is also an absorption, deepening and sublimation of the successful experience of previous shopping festivals. With the help of the "Mid-Autumn Festival" and the "National Day" double festivals, we will make full use of the festival nodes, as well as the consumption hot spots such as night economy, outreach and live broadcast of goods. We will take the form of the government setting up a platform and enterprises giving full play to their resource advantages, carry out brand linkage, carry out product introduction and on-site sales, strengthen consumer confidence and help flourish the business market. Through online and offline integration, we will further cultivate consumption hot spots, stimulate consumption enthusiasm, expand consumption scale, enhance the pulling effect of consumption on economic growth, and promote the overall revitalization and all-round revitalization of Northeast China.


In the next step, Ganjingzi District Government will provide considerate services to all businesses, support the smooth development of various activities, and provide a wonderful, orderly and safe shopping environment for the general public and consumers, so as to satisfy the citizens, reassure tourists, enable consumers to enjoy real benefits and convenience, and enjoy different shopping feasts and consumption carnival.