Changhai Tourism booming in "Double Festival"

Changhai County has taken various measures to enhance the attraction of island tourism on the premise of earnestly implementing various epidemic prevention and control work. Yesterday, I learned from Changhai County Culture and Tourism Bureau that during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" holiday, the county received more than 40,000 tourists and realized a comprehensive tourism income of 50.82 million yuan.


October is the peak season for island fishing and leisure tourism. According to statistics, Zhangzi Sea Fishing Company has received more than 350 sea fishing tourists from the three northeastern provinces, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Tangshan and other places. The sea fishing clubs in Zhangzi Island Town, such as Wallet Island, Big Consumption Island and Small Consumption Island, are also constantly fishing for tourists.


Fishing Tour Performance Continues to Be Brilliant. The "Fishing Tour" with the theme of being close to the sea and playing with the sea has won the favor of many tourists. Many tourists travel with their families to the island to play with the sea, drive the sea and eat seafood. Fisherman's family tour is very hot. With the end of the fishing moratorium, fat seafood began to go on the market in large quantities. On holidays, diners rushed across the sea to taste the seafood feast on the island. During the festival, the island's characteristic hostels received an average of more than 300 tourists, earning more than 100,000 yuan.


Sports + Tourism Becomes New Highlight. During the festival, the 2nd Dalian University Sailing Federation Championship and Dalian Changshan Islands Sea Paddle Challenge were held, which started the series of activities of Dalian Changshan Islands Sailing Culture Week "Turn to the Sea and Sail Liaoning" and attracted many sports enthusiasts and tourists. The superior ecological environment has also led to health care and leisure tours. During the festival, Xiaochangshan Xiaoshuikou Scenic Area received more than 4500 tourists.