Lvshunkou District Combines "Blood Transfusion" and "Hematopoiesis" to Play "Combination Boxing" of Counterpart Assistance

Since the beginning of this year, Lvshunkou District has actively promoted the work of counterpart assistance. It has further promoted the work of counterpart assistance to the 121st Regiment of Shihezi City, 8th Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Chido Township, Suo County, Naqu City, Tibet, Xiakou Town, Xingshan County, Hubei Province, and Lingyuan City, Chaoyang. The "blood transfusion" and "hematopoiesis" have been effectively combined to play a good combination of counterpart assistance.


According to the 2020 Counterpart Assistance (Support) Work Plan, Lvshunkou District has broken down the work indicators and tasks into relevant units for detailed implementation. We will strengthen the guarantee of funds and do a good job in the payment of aid funds. The Civil Affairs and Charity Department of Lvshunkou District donated 10,000 yuan of poverty grants to Chaoyang Lingyuan City to help needy students. Donate 15,000 yuan in poverty grants to Chido Township in Tibet for 10 poor students; Donate 10,000 yuan to Xingshan County in Hubei Province to help poor students. To carry out all kinds of assistance training, hire lecturers to Lingyuan City Business Incubation Base to carry out e-commerce training, and bring more than 300 jobs to the Business Incubation Base for on-site publicity. Special training on agricultural technology lectures, e-commerce platforms and other aspects will be held in Xiakou Town, Xingshan County, Hubei Province, and vocational and technical training courses for talents will be held. For Chido Township, Suo County, Tibet Autonomous Region, training courses on policies related to self-employment will be held, employment training for poor labor force will be carried out, and training for township cadres will be carried out. Actively carry out exchanges and cooperation work, send two outstanding teachers to Xinjiang to support teaching, send one teacher to Tibet to support teaching.


At the same time, Lvshunkou District is actively carrying out poverty alleviation through consumption. We have formulated the "Work Plan for Poverty Alleviation through Consumption" and the "List of Key Tasks and Projects for Poverty Alleviation through Cooperation between East and West". Several meetings have been held to promote poverty alleviation through consumption and special work classes have been set up. So far, the whole region has completed 11.8989 million yuan in poverty alleviation through consumption. We will build a platform for the production and marketing of agricultural products and strengthen the accurate docking of agricultural products.