Dalian issued the Two-Year Action Plan (2020-2021) for Deepening the Reform of" Management Services "and Optimizing the Business Environment

Recently, Dalian issued the "Two-Year Action Plan (2020-2021) to Deepen the Reform of" Management Services "and Optimize the Business Environment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which started the reform of version 2.0 of the business environment construction in our city. The "Plan" is based on the actual situation of Dalian by the Municipal Business Bureau. Drawing lessons from advanced practices and comparing laws and regulations, a special plan for the construction of a business environment, which contains local characteristics, overseas experience and national standards, has been put forward. Through 108 specific reform tasks, efforts have been made to solve the problem of "more bonsai and less scenery" in the business environment, laying a solid foundation for Dalian to build a market-oriented, rule-of-law and internationalized business environment.


The Plan focuses on the three principles of evaluation index, advanced practices and the actual situation in our city. Closely following the 18 first-class indicators and 87 second-class indicators of China's business environment assessment, the reform measures proposed will greatly improve the evaluation indicators of our city by quantifying and refining them item by item, supplementing short boards, strong and weak items and creating experiences. Fully draw lessons from the advanced practices of 11 cities such as Shanghai and Tianjin and 7 provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu to form policies and measures with local characteristics and maintaining leading domestic leadership. From the perspective of the demand side of enterprises in our city, personnel were organized to go into factories and shops for on-the-spot investigation. 282 "targeted" problems in our city were collected and sorted out in view of the "blocking points, pain points and difficulties" of enterprises. The "targeted" problems were sorted out and summarized, the common problems that need to be improved and solved urgently were refined, and the solutions were studied.


The Plan includes three dimensions: the "whole chain" of enterprise life cycle, the "whole angle" of urban investment attraction, and the "whole elements" of government service and supervision. From the start-up of enterprises to production and operation to bankruptcy and withdrawal, the Plan proposes 40 reform measures. Among them, in terms of cross-border trade, eight measures, including speeding up customs clearance of time-sensitive commodities and increasing support for foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, have firmly stabilized the dominant position of cross-border trade in our city. Twenty reform measures are put forward in six aspects, including providing credit to enterprises, resolving commercial disputes and reducing institutional transaction costs. Our city continues to step up its efforts to fully protect the rights of small and medium-sized shareholders. In terms of protecting small and medium-sized investors, our city has been designated by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the two leading cities in the country to protect small and medium-sized investors. We will comprehensively improve the quality of government services, innovate market supervision. Through 48 reform measures, efforts will be made to create a business environment that "responds to everything you want and does not disturb anything". It will provide a more dynamic entrepreneurial atmosphere, a more livable living environment and more considerate government services for the masses of enterprises, so as to make the "One Netcom Office "easy to handle", make the exchange of talents more convenient and better solve the demands of the masses of enterprises.


The Plan embodies the three characteristics of innovation, inclusiveness and effectiveness. The Plan proposes 21 innovative measures, 66 "replication + innovation" advanced regional experiences and practices, and the proposed chattel pledge method provides a targeted and innovative "Dalian approach" for small and micro enterprise financing. The Plan provides a total of 100 inclusive policies for the masses of enterprises. For example, in terms of service for enterprises, six index tasks such as "special area service", "whole network office" and "one industry, one certificate" are set up. Through the simultaneous processing of enterprise registration, official seal engraving and tax declaration, provident fund, social security, medical insurance, gas, water supply and power supply accounts are incorporated into the service chain to realize "one day without waiting" for enterprises to start. The "Plan" takes a two-year cycle, and the reform will be completed before the end of 2020 for the measures that can be implemented and reformed. For challenging reform measures that require departmental assistance, it is required to achieve results by 2021. This is not only a problem-oriented target setting for ending the 13th Five-Year Plan, but also a goal-oriented future consideration for undertaking the 14th Five-Year Plan. The "Plan" will strongly push our city to achieve a big leap in the overall level of the business environment by the end of this year. By the end of 2021, it will be among the first-class cities of its kind in China.