The First Bonded Mixed Ore Business Of "Multi-Country and Multi-Mineral" Launched in Dalian

Rio Tinto-Dalian Port China Port's First Bonded Mixing Ceremony was held yesterday at Dalian Port's Ore Terminal. Dalian Port Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Liaoning Port Group, signed a memorandum of understanding with Rio Tinto to jointly carry out bonded ore mixing business of Rio Tinto Mixed Powder (RTBF). Dalian Port has become the first port in the country to carry out "multi-country, multi-mineral" bonded ore mixing business. It is also the first time Rio Tinto's spot products have been loaded into a port in Northeast China and the first time Rio Tinto has carried out bonded ore mixing business in a Chinese port.


The first batch of Rio Tinto mixed powder in Dalian Bonded Port Area is made up of high-grade Canadian refined powder and medium-low-grade Australian SP10 iron ore powder. The complementary advantages of the two kinds of mineral powder have been brought into play, providing domestic and foreign iron and steel enterprises with a better choice of raw materials with better cost performance. In the near future, Dalian Port will be transferred to major steel mills such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the hinterland of Northeast China. Through this cooperation, Rio Tinto can rely on Dalian Port's international transit advantage to supply new mixed mineral products to other Asian markets while better serving steel mill customers in northern China.


For Dalian Port, this cooperation can realize the forward movement of high-quality ore products from the mineral area to the client, effectively reduce the costs at both ends of the supply chain, and provide more valuable value-added services for customers, which is of great significance to the smooth flow of industrial circulation, market circulation and economic and social circulation. With the support of the customs supervision system, we will deepen cooperation with overseas mining enterprises, continuously enrich and expand the scope of bonded ore mixing business, consolidate and enhance Dalian Port's traditional advantages in the bonded ore mixing field, accelerate the construction of Northeast Asia Iron Ore Mixing and Distribution Center, and gain momentum for the construction of Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center.


According to reports, Rio Tinto is the world's leading international mining group, headquartered in London, UK, and is a dual-listed company structure. Rio Tinto AG is listed in London and Rio Tinto Limited is listed in Australia. It integrates exploration, mining and processing of mineral resources. In 2019, Rio Tinto's Pilbara region produce 327 million tons of pellets and refined powder annually, while Canada produce 17.9 million tons of pellets and refined powder, ranking first in the world.