Zhang Guoqing Stressed to Promote High-Quality Development through High-Level System Innovation During His Research in Dalian

From September 20 to 21, Provincial Secretary Zhang Guoqing came to Dalian to conduct research on the thorough implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and instructions on the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the revitalization and development of Northeast and Liaoning, and the scientific preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan in Liaoning province.


In Liaoning Port Group, Zhang Guoqing listened to the market-oriented integration of ports and the development ideas of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Dalian and Liaoning Port Group were encouraged to focus on the construction of an international shipping center in Northeast Asia, to deeply integrate into the joint construction of "the belt and road initiative", to focus on cultivating new sea-rail intermodal routes, to open up major sea-rail intermodal routes, and to do a major article on sea-rail intermodal transportation. We should vigorously develop the port industry and speed up the construction of a "new Shekou" in Northeast Asia so that it complements the construction of an international shipping center in Northeast Asia. When listening to the report on the planning of Jinpu New District, Zhang Guoqing said that all kinds of park construction should have themes and souls, keep a close eye on one direction, strengthen system innovation, and concentrate on one field. In the comprehensive service hall of Dalian District in Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhang Guoqing listened carefully to the planning, carefully inquired about the approval time limit, and sat down to have in-depth communication with everyone. He pointed out that the core of the construction of FTZ is system innovation, and the inspiration and source of innovation come from the needs of enterprises. Dalian should form a special team to carry out in-depth investigation and research on enterprises, understand the needs and policy bottlenecks of enterprises, so that enterprises can undertake various system innovation achievements, give full play to the advantages of first mover, maintain the leading position and ensure the benefits of enterprises.


During the investigation, Zhang Guoqing presided over a symposium to listen to Dalian's work report and give affirmation. He stressed that the Party Central Committee's decision-making and deployment should be fully implemented, the 14th Five-Year Plan should be compiled into an action plan to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions on the revitalization and development of Northeast and Liaoning, and the matters that the General Secretary cares about and entrusts should be done one by one, so as not to fail to live up to the General Secretary's earnest expectations. We should adhere to the strategic direction of structural reform on the supply side, seize the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, firmly implement the new development concept and promote the formation of a new development pattern. High-level institutional innovation achievements are as important as high-quality development projects. Dalian should focus on institutional innovation, strengthen connotation support, create conditions for the construction of a free trade port, and become an open highland and a record high. The construction of a business environment is related to the overall situation of the revitalization and development strategy. We should strengthen the concept of "the business environment is ourselves" and start from the ideological root to create a business environment that is convenient to handle affairs, good in the rule of law, strong in cost competitiveness and ecological and livable. We should learn to supervise during and after the event, really give convenience to the masses and market players, and leave "trouble" to ourselves. We should carry forward the spirit of struggle, aim at problems, solve problems and remove obstacles, so as to form a clear direction of discussing heroes by doing things, discussing abilities by solving practical problems, and discussing achievements by high-quality development projects and high-level system innovation achievements. We should strengthen our sense of urgency and mission, strive to do a good job in this great article on empowering advantageous industries, strive to strengthen chains, tap value-added potential, strive to attract education and expand new momentum, and realize high-quality development.


Provincial and Dalian leaders Tan Zuojun, Chen Shaowang, Xiao Shengfeng and Wang Qiyao took part in the relevant activities.