Dayaowan Bonded Port Area Transformed and Upgraded to Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Recently, the State Council approved the transformation and upgrading of Dalian Dayaowan Bonded Port Area to Dalian Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which is the second comprehensive bonded zone approved for construction in Dalian after Dalian Wanli Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It marks the upgrade of Dalian's opening-up platform again and will bring new and significant development opportunities to Dalian's exploration of the construction of a free trade port and the construction of a gateway to northern China's opening-up.


It is understood that the comprehensive bonded area is one of the special customs supervision areas with the highest level of opening, the most preferential policies, the most complete functions and the most simplified procedures in China. It is also the pilot area, pilot area and pilot area for the country to open up the fields of finance, trade, investment, service and logistics.


In recent years, Dayaowan Customs, affiliated to Dalian Customs, has taken the needs of enterprises as its driving force for innovation, actively exerted the advantages of bonded port areas and free trade experimental zones, boldly explored and tried first, continuously deepened business reform and innovated supervision modes, thus laying a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of bonded port areas. At present, a number of preferential policies such as bonded and tax exemption have been implemented within Dayaowan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. For example, the timber industry has a policy of entrusting processing inside and outside the region. Domestic customers can import logs or purchase logs in the region by themselves. After going through customs clearance and tax payment procedures, they can directly entrust enterprises in the region to process logs into boards, thus reducing the tax burden on enterprises and improving the market competitiveness of products. Innovative launch of the country's first batch of parallel imported cars "entrepot + bonded value-added" business, It has changed the business mode of general import and simple storage of parallel cars. For bonded storage new cars entering the zone, bonded value-added services such as interior decoration upgrading are carried out and then sold to other countries through entrepot trade. This business has realized the upgrading of parallel imported car industry, opened channels for domestic car dealers to face the international market and provided an important platform for enterprises to go out. In the first half of this year, the total import and export value of Dayaowan Bonded Port Logistics Park was 6.969 billion yuan, up 9.06% year-on-year. Under the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, it still showed a steady but rising development trend.


The upgraded Dayaowan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, it has integrated various export-oriented functional areas such as the original bonded area, bonded port area and bonded logistics park. It will give full play to its policy advantages, location advantages and FTZ function advantages, attract more international advanced technologies, funds and markets to land, attract more large enterprises and projects to gather, and promote the development of new formats such as bonded processing, bonded research and development, and cross-border e-commerce. Actively building a processing and manufacturing center, a logistics distribution center and a sales service center with international influence and competitiveness will be the main development goals of Dayaowan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.


First, it will continue to maintain its innovative advantages in parallel import of automobiles, expand and strengthen the entire industrial chain of import automobile trade, fully carry out bonded storage business for regular automobiles, and actively promote the establishment of Dalian Northeast Automobile Distribution Center.


Second, it will actively promote the development of new formats of bonded goods storage for cross-border e-commerce and build a cross-border e-commerce hub radiating to the Northeast. Taking the needs of enterprises as the guidance, the innovative measures of tallying goods before customs declaration will be implemented. We will improve the business chain, optimize the return supervision mode, assist in marketing upgrading, create "live sales in bonded warehouses", and rely on the construction of intelligent bayonets and logistics platforms to realize the 24-hour barrier-free customs clearance requirements for cross-border goods.


Third, Dayaowan Port will play its role as a bridgehead and actively build a high-level international logistics distribution center. The introduction of the innovative measure of "classified supervision of the state of stored goods" in the bonded port area has broken the difficult problem of classified storage of bonded imported goods and general imported goods by enterprises, and has provided convenience for enterprises to revitalize their storage capacity, carry out "single-entry" procurement and save operating costs.


At present, enterprises in Dayaowan Bonded Port Area have taken advantage of the approval of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone to plan a blueprint for development. Dalian Dashang Tiangou E-Commerce Co., Ltd. Has reached cooperation with world-renowned cosmetics Estee Lauder series brands and South Korea's famous cosmetics JM brand to provide more assistance for enterprises to further expand their markets. Mitsubishi Electric, Baolai, Rixin and other high-quality customers have successfully settled in Dayaowan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, and many foreign enterprises have expressed their willingness to use this as their distribution center in the Asia-Pacific region.


Next, Dayaowan Customs will take the opportunity of the transformation and upgrading of Dayaowan Bonded Port Area into a comprehensive bonded area, With stronger policy functions, a better business environment and a better connection between the international and domestic markets, the comprehensive bonded area will be built into a new high ground for deepening reforms in an all-round way in the new era, providing stronger service support for Dalian and even Liaoning's high-level open and high-quality development.