Dalian has Further Strengthened the Canteens of Party and Government Organs and Official Reception to Stop Food Waste

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on stopping food and beverage waste, To further strengthen the city's party and government organs canteens and official reception to stop food and beverage waste, and to play an exemplary role for the whole society, recently, the Municipal Government Affairs Administration and the Municipal Government Working Committee jointly formulated and issued the "Notice on Implementing the Important Instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Resolutely Stopping Food and Beverage Waste".


The "Notice" clearly proposes four effective measures to resolutely stop food and beverage waste. First, we will continue to push forward the "CD-ROM Operation". Saving grain and stopping food and beverage waste should be taken as important contents of the construction of the government's style of work, and the normalization of "Operation CD" should be continuously and deeply promoted. Agency canteens should put up publicity slogans and posters in conspicuous positions, put up prompt signs, encourage on-demand, small amount and multiple meals, guide cadres and workers to establish healthy, scientific and reasonable eating concepts, and form civilized and thrifty eating habits; To establish inspection and supervision system, set up economical meal supervisors, strengthen supervision and inspection and remind exposure, timely stop waste. The second is to do a good job in saving canteens. On the one hand, efforts should be made to strictly manage food materials, reasonably determine the purchase supply and distribution methods, and reduce the loss of food materials in all links before processing. Qualified units can establish a registration system for diners, implement dynamic management, and purchase, process and match meals according to the number of diners. Improve the initial processing process of food materials, carry out deep processing on kitchen waste food materials, and improve the yield and utilization rate of food materials. On the other hand, we should pay attention to improving catering services and methods, strengthen the skills training of catering personnel, and improve the quality and service level of catering production. Optimize the feeding method, reasonably design the serving time and quantity, stir-fry large pot dishes and small pot dishes according to needs, advocate the supply of small dishes and half dishes, facilitate the diners to select appropriate amount of food, and reduce the surplus of food. The third is to strengthen the management of official reception and meeting training meals. All units should thoroughly implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and the detailed rules for their implementation. In strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Regulations of Party and Government Organs on Strict Economy and Opposition to Waste" and the "Regulations of Party and Government Organs on the Administration of Domestic Official Reception", we will further strengthen the dining management of official reception, meetings, training and other official activities, strictly enforce dining standards, scientifically and reasonably arrange the number of meals, and improve the dining service mode. Strict implementation of the official reception fixed-point dining system, shall not exceed the standard arrangement of dining, advocate the adoption of separate meals, simple meals, buffet form. Fourth, promote the recycling of kitchen waste. All units should actively promote the level of kitchen waste resource utilization in combination with the requirements of the State Administration Bureau's "Reference Standard for Evaluation of Domestic Waste Classification in Public Institutions" and the "Dalian Municipal Public Institution Waste Classification Work Plan". The generating unit shall sign a delivery agreement with the collection and transportation enterprise designated by the jurisdiction government and deliver the goods on time according to the provisions of the agreement, so as to achieve "Nissan Nissin" and establish a ledger system to record the quantity and whereabouts of kitchen waste.