Dress up the City's Appearance, Improve Environmental Quality and Serve the City's Development

Yesterday, it learned from the municipal center that around the establishment of a civilized city, the municipal center has implemented the work into parks and scenic spots, municipal roads and bridges, urban lighting, garbage end treatment and sewage treatment under its jurisdiction, improving municipal functions, improving environmental quality, serving the development of the city and benefiting the people's livelihood.


The implementation of flower placement project. It mainly includes the placement and maintenance management of Zhongshan Road, Renmin Road, Shengli Road, West Express Road and Memorial Street, and the important nodes of Zhongshan Square, People's Square, West Express Road Viaduct, Shugang Road and Bridge and Northeast Road and Bridge. There are 4 stubbles in the whole year, and each stubble is placed in 898 groups of flower box flower combinations, 1328 groups of hanging basket flower combinations, 8 large container flowers and 1705 square meters of ground flowers. The three-dimensional flower bed landscape consists of 5 construction sites and 6 groups of three-dimensional shapes, with a ground flower placement area of 2,000 square meters and a five-color grass modeling area of 1700 square meters.


Strengthen the maintenance of municipal roads. Complete road maintenance such as Jinlong Road, Wusi Road, Ganbei Road, Cangshan Road and Software Park Road. A total of 262,900 square meters of roadways, 77,000 square meters of square brick trails and 11,512 meters of side stones have been repaired, and 1,192 inspection wells of various types have been adjusted. Maintenance of 24,000 square meters of bridge deck, 760 meters of expansion joints and 1013 meters of rainwater pipes. Cleaning of bridge railings, piers and sound barriers on Shugang Road, Donglian Road, Dongkuai Road and Western Corridor. Strengthen the management of underground passages, with 130 meters of blind roads and 34.1 square meters of fire boards built inside.


Perfect park facilities. We will add landscape sketches of socialist core values and public service advertisements and flags on the themes of "Civilized and Healthy, You Have Me", and replace garbage bins to classify garbage signs. Six volunteer service stations for learning from Lei Feng in the parks and scenic spots under their jurisdiction provide convenient services for tourists and citizens.


Strengthen waterlogging control. The waterlogging control project around Zhoushuizi Airport is scheduled to be completed by the end of December.


Strengthen the maintenance of urban lighting facilities. Clean up 600 boxes and control boxes in the city. Changchun Road, Union Road and other roads have replaced more than 440 base light poles. More than 1400 sets of LED lamps were replaced in 187 back streets and alleys. Do a good job in the repair work of 8890 people, and build 26 bases and 50 sets of lamps for the 23 roads reported for repair.


Strengthen environmental sanitation supervision and inspection. High-tech monitoring methods are organically integrated with traditional patrol inspections, with 790 road and street inspections and 264 problems found. 706 garbage spot inspections and 130 problems were found. Vehicles were inspected 58 times and problems were found 8 times. All shall be rectified in time according to the evaluation standards.


Strengthen the application of intelligent urban management platform. Establish a green channel for "creating a city" cases, and discover and handle 81,426 cases in a timely manner; Through on-site inspection and video inspection, multi-time and all-round inspection and inspection of key areas, key issues and sensitive areas were carried out, and 6,648 problems were investigated and urged to be rectified on site. There were 15017 video patrol points and 258 problems were found and urged to be rectified.