Tan Zuojun Stressed During His Investigation in Changhai County That Ecological Priority Should Always Be First and Promote the High-Quality Development of Blue Economy

On September 15, Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to Changhai County to investigate the production of marine pastures, the construction of livelihood projects and the development of cultural tourism. Tan Zuojun stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, always give priority to ecology, promote the high-quality development of the blue economy, and let the development achievements benefit the island people to the greatest extent.


Tan Zuojun first came to Changhai County People's Hospital, Listen to the report on the progress of the hospital renovation and expansion project, visit the medical staff who stick to their posts, and demand that while speeding up the renovation and upgrading of hospital hardware, the recruitment and training of medical personnel should be strengthened, the level of hospital information management capability should be improved, and more quality and efficient medical services should be provided for the island people. In Xiaochangshan Central Hospital, Tan Zuojun walked into the nucleic acid detection laboratory, went deep into the reagent preparation area, specimen preparation area and amplification analysis area, and got a detailed understanding of the daily operation of the laboratory. He hoped to strengthen the detection team, optimize the detection process, improve the detection capability, and lay a good foundation for the prevention and control of the epidemic in autumn and winter.


Tan Zuojun also went to the local fishery breeding site to learn about fishery production and deep processing of products. He asked relevant departments to strengthen policy guidance on the basis of good market research, help enterprises to open up market channels, extend the industrial chain, and promote fishery production and fishermen's income. In Guojiamiaotun, Xiaochangshan Island Town, Tan Zuojun inspected the No.10 courtyard, Lao Wu Jia hotal and other special residential accommodation projects on the spot, listened to the reports on the planning of local tourism projects and the development of tourism products, and urged the local responsible persons to dig deep into the island cultural resources, tell the story of the island fishing village, and build the island vacation brand with the support of the comprehensive tourism development project.


During the investigation, Tan Zuojun pointed out that Changhai County is rich in marine fishery resources and eco-tourism resources, with obvious advantages and great potential in developing marine economy. We should scientifically compile the 14th Five-Year Plan, base ourselves on the island's natural resources, find out the development orientation, define the objectives and tasks, be determined to reform and innovate, and strive to walk out of a high-quality development road with island characteristics. In order to practice the concept that green water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains, we must not only strictly observe the ecological red line and strengthen the protection of the ecological environment, but also scientifically and rationally develop marine resources, speed up the development of advantageous marine industries, and cultivate a number of famous leading enterprises and well-known brands. We should adhere to the principle of land and sea coordination and island-shore linkage, improve tourism infrastructure, enrich the connotation of island tourism, enhance tourism service capabilities, and promote the upgrading of characteristic tourism products. We should continue to improve people's livelihood, speed up the completion of short boards in the fields of medical care, education and old-age care, improve the level of public services and social security, and make the island people feel more happy and secure.


On the way back to Dalian, Tan Zuojun also came to Liaoning Mariculture Breeding Center located in Jinpu New District to learn about the improvement of marine aquatic animal germplasm and the breeding of fine seedlings.