Xi Jinping's Important Speech at the National Commendation Conference for Fighting COVID-19 Boosts Confidence and Morale and Inspires Unremitting Struggle

"In front of protecting the safety of people's lives, we must do whatever it takes, and we can do it at all costs, because the fundamental purpose of the Chinese Communist Party is to serve the people heart and soul, and our country is a socialist country where the people are masters of the country."


General Secretary Xi Jinping's recent important speech at the National Commendation Conference for Fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia has aroused strong repercussions among medical workers and cadres and the masses. Everyone said that they should integrate the concept of people first and life first into their daily work, unite as one, take the bull by the horns and make unremitting efforts to win the overall victory in the fight against the epidemic.


Academician Zhong Nanshan, who was awarded the "Medal of the Republic", was deeply touched by the word "life first": "The attitude towards people's lives can best reflect whether a country puts the people first. Our Party and country have made it very clear that they put the safety of people's lives and health first and can press the economic pause button during the epidemic. This requires a lot of effort and determination. "


Zhong Nanshan told reporters that recently, a novel coronavirus pneumonia patient who used extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to assist support for 111 days recovered and was discharged from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. "In order to treat this patient, our intensive medicine team has made great efforts. As long as there is a little hope, it has been rescued and treated for a long time. Because our guiding ideology is the supremacy of life put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping."


From the frontline battlefield in the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia to urban and rural communities all over the country, the concept of people first and life first runs through the whole process.


On the 8th, Wu Anhua, professor of infection department in Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, won the title of "National Advanced Individual in Fighting novel coronavirus pneumonia". From Hunan to Hubei, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, Wu Anhua has been on the front line of epidemic prevention and control since the outbreak. "As a 36-year-old Party member, I must stand up and protect people's lives with practical actions in the face of major public health emergencies." Wu Anhua said.


During the period when Wuhan closed the passage from Han, Dongting Community, Fruit Lake Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, had more than 4,000 households and 15,000 residents, while only 17 community workers. In order to protect the safety of the residents, Wang Xueli, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongting Community, stayed in the office for more than two months, taking people to kill repeatedly in the community, touching the health and living conditions of the residents, coordinating beds for the patients, and sending each patient to the ambulance to the hospital... She was full every day.


"It is not easy for Wuhan to gradually return to normal. It is the leadership of the Party and the ten million ordinary people who stepped forward in Qian Qian that have given us today's victory. After watching General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on TV, I am greatly encouraged. In the future, I will work harder to keep the first line of defense in the community and live up to the trust of the Party and the people." Wang Xueli said that in order to cope with the possible rebound of epidemic situation in autumn and winter, Dongting Community has already reserved sufficient epidemic prevention materials, assigned special personnel to carry out disinfection work every day, and tried its best to ensure the safety of residents.


To carry out epidemic analysis and judgment, laboratory tests and epidemiological investigations... In the battlefield of fighting the epidemic, disease control and prevention personnel have been in the forefront. "The national advanced individual in the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia," said Gao Lidong, deputy director of the Hunan CDC. "As a disease prevention and control worker, he will never give up in public health emergencies. In the future, we must turn honor into motivation, turn responsibility into responsibility, and contribute to the protection of people's health and life safety."


On the morning of the 8th, Wang Minghui, deputy mid-team leader of Dalian Bay Squadron, Ganjingzi Brigade, Traffic Police Detachment of Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau, Liaoning Province, watched the grand occasion of the commendation meeting during the rest time. "People's Hero" Zhang Dingyu was deeply impressed by his slightly faltering but unusually firm pace on the podium, reminding him of the 28-day closed battle between himself and his colleagues in the high-risk area when the epidemic broke out in Dalian.


"Compared with the medical personnel who fight the virus at close range, the people's police stand guard on duty is our duty to serve the people and protect our lives. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that China's fight against the epidemic has fully demonstrated China's spirit, strength and commitment. As a grass-roots police officer, I will carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit in my future work and continue to work hard to safeguard the overall social stability and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment. "Wang Minghui said.


At the beginning of the outbreak, the new crown antibody detection kit was very important and in short supply. Chongqing Medical University has advantages in infectious diseases. Huang Ailong, president of the university and leader of infectious diseases in the national key discipline, has organized a team to step up research on kit development since late January and successfully completed kit research and development, optimization and product setting in early February, laying a foundation for later clinical verification and product registration approval.


Victory over the epidemic cannot be achieved without scientific and technological support, and scientific research is still on the way. Huang Ailong said that in the next step, the team will also carry out scientific research around vaccine development and new kit development, and continue to carry out relevant epidemiological investigations to assist in the follow-up epidemic prevention and control work.


At present, the epidemic situation is still raging all over the world, and the risks of sporadic cases and local outbreaks in China still exist. Sustained efforts are still needed to win the overall victory in the fight against the epidemic.


Xia Jingen, a respiratory therapist in the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital who has been fighting for more than 60 days on the frontline of the Wuhan epidemic, is full of confidence: "We are confident to practice the concept of people first and life first, and to be the guardian of people's health."


After reclaiming two collective honors on behalf of the hospital-"the national advanced collective to fight novel coronavirus pneumonia" and "the national advanced grass-roots party organization", Liang Tingbo, secretary of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, boarded the plane back to Hangzhou as soon as possible after the conference. He hoped to share the honor with his team as soon as possible, and at the same time put the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping into hospital work as soon as possible.


"The supremacy of life means that we should constantly solve the difficult and painful points of common people's medical treatment. At the same time, the normal prevention and control of hospitals should not be relaxed for a moment, and the results of epidemic prevention and control should be consolidated." Liang Tingbo said, "With the country's concerted efforts and concerted efforts in fighting the epidemic, China's social governance system will be more perfect. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of the whole country will further carry forward the spirit of fighting the epidemic, cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, and unite as one to win an all-round victory in the fight against the epidemic."