Tan Zuojun Attended the Promotion Meeting of Deepening Park Reform in the City and Delivered a Speech

On September 8, the municipal party Committee and the municipal government held a meeting to promote the deepening of the reform of the park in the whole city, summarizing the preliminary work, analyzing the current situation, and re-studying, re-promoting and re-deploying the key reform tasks. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC and secretary of the CPC, attended and spoke, while Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary and mayor of the CPC, presided over and spoke. Xu Shaoda, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and propaganda minister, attended the meeting. City leaders Xiong Boli, Li Pengyu, Zeng Bo, Yang Yuxin, Jin Guowei and Yu Baohe attended the meeting.


Tan Zuojun pointed out that since the city's mobilization meeting to deepen the reform of the park, the reform of the park has achieved certain results, but the outstanding problems cannot be ignored and must be paid great attention to. All regions and departments in the city should have a deep understanding of the important position of the park in the city's development. Deeply understanding the difficulty and complexity of the park reform, We should have a deep understanding of the gaps and deficiencies in the work, strengthen our ideological and operational awareness of the reform of the park, and accelerate the implementation of the reform of the park with a sense of urgency of "not being able to wait", a sense of crisis of "not being able to wait", a sense of responsibility of "not being able to sit still" and a sense of burden of "not being able to sleep".


Tan Zuojun stressed that it is challenging and difficult to push forward the reform of the park. It is necessary to get rid of the mindset, adhere to the problem orientation, have the courage to be truer and harder, and push forward the reform to go deep and practical. First, reform must not be delayed because of historical problems. We must respect history, actively and steadily push forward the resolution of historical problems in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, better rally people's hearts and enhance the joint efforts of reform. Second, we must not stagnate the reform under the pretext of taking a long-term view. We must base ourselves on the present, act quickly without relying on it, do not evade it for various reasons, pay close attention to the implementation of the reform tasks in the park, and resolutely put an end to the stagnation of the reform. Third, the reform must not be affected by the lag of key links. We must focus on key links and key areas, boldly try, boldly go ahead, make independent changes, and make precise efforts to push forward the reform so as to form the effect of full activation. Fourth, we must not blindly stick to the principle of seeking stability and push forward the reform. We must go ahead with the problems, make drastic changes and forge ahead with innovation. We must not struggle with the old problems and make concessions to the old system and mechanism, so that our energy will not disperse and our strength will not decrease.


Tan Zuojun stressed that all regions and departments in the city should carry out their respective duties and responsibilities in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, cooperate closely and work together to complete the reform task with high quality. All districts, cities and counties, open pilot areas and parks should strengthen the main responsibility of the reform. The main responsible comrades should earnestly perform the duties of the first responsible person of the reform, scientifically formulate the reform implementation promotion plan, and push forward the implementation of the work according to the chronological progress. The lead department should strengthen the lead and grasp the overall responsibility, pay attention to coordination and linkage, and ensure the overall progress of the reform is consistent and the overall effect is improved. Relevant functional departments should strengthen their business guidance responsibilities, take the initiative to study and solve problems, and form a work promotion mechanism of up-and-down linkage and combination of sections.


When presiding over the meeting, Chen Shaowang stressed that all regions and departments in the city should fully understand the significance of the park reform, compact their responsibilities and vigorously push forward to ensure substantial progress in the park reform. To raise awareness, strengthen the responsibility, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission, with the spirit of time and tide wait for no man, seize every minute, forge ahead with determination, take the initiative, and make every effort to push forward the deepening of the reform of the park in our city to develop in depth. We should focus on the key points, pay close attention to the implementation, strictly implement the requirements of the "Dalian Deepening Park Reform Plan" and the "Supplementary Opinions on Deepening Park Reform in Dalian", reverse the construction period, accelerate the progress, and ensure the completion of the reform task. We should pay close attention to supervision and push forward vigorously. We should further strengthen coordination, guidance, supervision and service according to the time schedule. We should firmly inform criticism and seriously investigate the responsibilities of regions and departments that are slow in progress, inaction and inadequate in performing their duties.


The main responsible comrades of the relevant districts, cities, counties and open pilot areas reported on the progress of the park reform. Relevant responsible comrades of the municipal party Committee and the municipal government attended the meeting.