Order No.14 of Liaoning Province's General Command for Overall Promotion of COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Economic and Social Development

Municipalities Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, Shenyang-Fushun Demonstration Zone Administrative Committee, Provincial Headquarters Member Units, Provincial (Central) Direct Units:


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions, we will fully implement the normalization prevention and control requirements of "timely detection, rapid disposal, precise control and effective treatment". We will respond to the new situation of epidemic development at home and abroad, inside and outside the province, especially the new situation of aggregated epidemic in Dalian, so as to effectively normalize epidemic prevention and control, normalize production and life, and strive to win double victories in epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. After the provincial headquarters decided to study, issued the following order:


Firstly, resolutely implement the requirements and norms of the provincial headquarters, and quickly cut off the channels and chains of the spread of the epidemic. All localities and departments should always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, make full ideological and work preparations, earnestly fulfill their main responsibilities, and curb the spread of the epidemic with strict measures and quick actions. The 13 cities outside Dalian should implement scientific and accurate prevention and control, strictly implement the norms and methods of the provincial headquarters on the prevention and control of outbreaks outside the region, and establish and perfect a closed-loop management system. Strengthen the management service for Dalian's personnel coming (returning) to the city. From now on, all personnel from Dalian's medium and high-risk areas will be subject to 14 days of centralized medical observation and 2 nucleic acid tests (at intervals of 24 hours) at the end of the isolation period. For personnel from low-risk areas in Dalian who hold the health pass code "green code" and can provide negative proof of nucleic acid test within 7 days, each city shall decide whether to carry out home observation and observation duration. If there is no proof, nucleic acid test shall be carried out immediately. For personnel from Dalian from July 14, classified management shall be carried out according to the above requirements. Those who need centralized medical observation shall be subject to centralized medical observation until 14 days after arriving in the city. For the close contacts who request assistance in the investigation in Dalian, the epidemiological investigation shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations in the first place. The goods flowing into the city from the freezing workshop of Dalian Kaiyang World Seafood Co., Ltd. Will be thoroughly traced back and tested for nucleic acid, and disposal measures such as removal from shelves, storage and destruction will be taken in a timely manner.


Secondly, strengthen personnel control measures, and resolutely prevent the epidemic from exporting and spreading. Dalian should strictly control personnel in medium and high-risk areas and prohibit them from leaving the city. People in low-risk areas should not leave Dalian for the time being unless it is really necessary. For the relevant close contacts outside the city, they should immediately request the relevant areas to assist in the investigation and provide personnel information. Personnel from other cities in the province will temporarily avoid going to Dalian in principle if it is not really necessary. Dalian should implement traffic control on railways, civil aviation and public transportation to prevent the export and spread of the epidemic.


Thirdly, to prevent the import of overseas and extraterritorial epidemic, and resolutely put an end to the risk of epidemic spread superposition. Adhere to the simultaneous prevention and control of overseas, overseas and intra-provincial epidemics, actively deal with the prevention and control pressure brought about by the frequent occurrence of overseas "unsealing with epidemics" and aggregated epidemics outside the province, and resolutely prevent one thing from losing another and risk superposition. Strict implementation of the provincial headquarters issued the work plan and norms on overseas and overseas epidemic prevention and control, further check loopholes and fill short boards, continuously weave a tight prevention and control network, and continuously strengthen closed-loop management. For those who come to Liaoning from low-risk areas in China, the investigation methods such as temperature measurement and code scanning shall be adhered to.


Fourth, overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, to minimize the impact on the production and living order. Scientifically grasp the laws and characteristics of the development of the epidemic, Not careless, We will not panic either. We will be precise, meticulous, orderly and powerful. We will pay close attention to various normalization measures such as prevention and control of specialized areas, social control and personal protection. We will maintain the hard-won good situation of resuming work, resuming production, resuming business and resuming business to the greatest extent. We will do a solid job in the "six stability" work, fully implement the "six guarantees" task, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the province's economy and society.


Liaoning Province novel coronavirus pneumonia Prevention and Control,

General Command for Economic and Social Development

July 25, 2020