Xi Jinping Stresses Deepening Reform and Innovation, Continuously Improving the Level of Running Schools and Educating People

On the occasion of the "August 1" Army Day, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited the Aviation University Air Force on the 23rd. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, he extended sincere greetings to the teachers, students and staff of the school and festive congratulations to all the officers and men of the People's Liberation Army, the Armed Police Force and the militia reservists. He stressed that it is necessary to implement the Party's thought of strengthening the army in the new era, implement the military strategic policy in the new era, implement the military education policy in the new era, deepen reform and innovation, continuously improve the level of education in running schools, and strive to create a new situation in the construction and development of schools.

Xi Jinping Stresses Deepening Reform and Innovation, Continuously Improving the Level of Running Schools and Educating People

In July, the northeast China was verdant and full of vitality. At about 10 a.m., Xi Jinping came to the Aviation University Air Force. In the school's aviation hall, Xi Jinping inspected the spirit exhibition of the PLA aviation university and the exhibition of the school's construction. The PLA aviation university is the first aviation school established by the Communist Party of China. Every one worked together, worked hard, bravely devoted ourselves and opened up new roads, which gave birth to the spirit of the Northeast Old Aviation School. Xi Jinping urged everyone to remember the glorious history and carry forward the spirit of the PLA aviation university.


On the training ground, the flying cadets are carrying out special physical fitness and anti-vertigo training. Modern air combat requires high physical and mental quality of pilots, and the school has set up training contents such as balance exercises, rollers and spiral ladders. Xi Jinping came to the training ground and saw that the flying cadets were undergoing ladder training. He communicated with everyone cordially. Not far away, functional training is in full swing and has its own characteristics. Xi Jinping watched as he walked. The all-in-one anti-load capability training and examination machine is a training equipment independently developed by the school. The students are very involved in the training and Xi Jinping has watched it carefully. Xi Jinping encouraged the flying cadets to study hard, train hard and train scientifically so as to become blue sky eagles as soon as possible and contribute to strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army.


Later, Xi Jinping came to the UAV laboratory to inspect the UAV control teaching facilities and learn about the training of UAV operators. Xi Jinping said that various types of unmanned aerial vehicle systems are now appearing in large numbers, and unmanned combat is profoundly changing the face of the war. To strengthen unmanned combat research, strengthen the professional construction of unmanned aerial vehicles, strengthen actual combat education and training, accelerate the training of unmanned aerial vehicle application and command personnel.


Xi Jinping listened to the school work report and delivered an important speech.


Xi stressed that it is necessary to adapt to the new situation and task requirements, stick to the orientation of running a school, strengthen top-level design and long-term planning, transform the strategy of strengthening the army with talents into development planning and practical measures, and implement it in all fields and the whole process of running a school. We should grasp the growth characteristics and laws of flight talents, optimize the development path, improve the training system, and improve the quality and efficiency of training.


Xi pointed out that the more accurate the connection between colleges and troops, the closer the connection between classrooms and battlefields, and the more right the talents to be trained. We should focus on actual combat, focus on winning and teaching, cultivate talents, and make teaching a war and practice a war. We should strengthen the research on modern warfare, especially modern air combat, optimize disciplines and specialties in a targeted way, build up strong teachers, innovate training modes, strengthen the construction of means, and promote the overall upgrading of education and training. We should adhere to the principle of cultivating morality, educating people for war, strengthening the education of military spirit, strengthening the fighting spirit, laying a solid foundation for the ideological and political, military, scientific and cultural, physical and psychological qualities of flying cadets in an all-round way, so as to make a solid foundation at the beginning of the flight.


Xi stressed that we should focus on the overall situation of the transformation and construction of the Air Force and take active actions in the renewal of thinking concepts, the training of military personnel, the research of military theories, and the innovation of national defense science and technology. We should keep up with the development trend of the world's new military revolution, strengthen the presetting of emerging fields, strengthen the construction of frontier disciplines, strengthen the training of new talents, and accelerate the incubation and generation of new quality combat effectiveness. Relevant departments of the Air Force and the Military Commission should strengthen guidance to help solve outstanding contradictions and problems.


Xi pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the Party's construction and ideological and political construction, implement the requirements of overall strict Party management, and ensure that all school work adheres to a firm and correct political direction. We must adhere to the rule of law and strictly manage schools, do a good job in laying the foundation at the grassroots level, and maintain a high degree of centralization, unity, safety and stability. All levels should strengthen the sense of service, enthusiastically solve problems for the vast number of teachers, students and employees, and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the officers in starting their own businesses.


Xi Jinping finally stressed that the epidemic prevention and control string should be tightened, the normal prevention and control work should be done well, all kinds of work and construction should be arranged as a whole, various measures should be taken and more efforts should be made to complete the established tasks.


Xu Qiliang and others took part in the activity.