Dalian Implemented Precise Prevention and Control Measures to Quickly Control the Spread of the Epidemic

Last night, the Information Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government held another press conference to report on the latest prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Dalian. Since a new confirmed case was added to our city on July 22, the leaders of the provincial party Committee and the provincial government have attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic in our city. Chen Qiufa, secretary of the provincial party Committee, personally gave instructions. Liu Ning, deputy secretary and acting governor of the provincial party Committee, and Chen Lvping, deputy governor of the provincial party Committee, made a special trip to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention work. Vice Governor Lu Ke also came to Dalian with the expert group of the provincial CDC to guide the prevention and control work and personally deploy the command on site. At the same time, the provincial Health Committee has set up 50 teams of people, 10 teams of disinfection and 8 teams of nucleic acid detection to rescue the epidemic prevention and control work in our city. Last night, the National Health Committee also set up an 18-member expert team to arrive in our city and immediately began to work to guide the epidemic prevention and control work in our city. The members of the expert team have all experienced the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the newly developed areas of Wuhan and Beijing and have rich experience in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, which fully reflects the attention and concern of the national, provincial and provincial governments to Dalian.


After the outbreak, our city immediately launched the emergency response plan for the new crown epidemic of unknown sources, Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Chen Shaowang presided over a series of conferences to study special topics. Scientific research and judgment will be carried out in the shortest possible time. Accurate control, Highlight the "strict, early, meticulous and practical" disposal requirements, Strictly implement the policy of being strict and fast, adopt the most resolute, decisive and strict measures, and race against time to carry out key work such as flow control, key population control, nucleic acid detection and disinfection, so as to ensure that all checks should be made, all checks should be made, the infection chain should be found out as soon as possible, the transmission route should be blocked, and the epidemic situation should be quickly controlled.


In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic situation accurately, In accordance with the requirements of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Law and the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism for precise prevention and control, With the consent of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, our city has established streets (villages and towns) as prevention and control units, scientifically delineated epidemic risk levels, accurately delineated prevention and control area scope with communities (villages) as units, and defined prevention and control strategies for areas with different risk levels, so as to achieve accurate prevention and control and effective prevention and control. According to the current epidemic situation in Dalian, the workers' village communities in Dalian Bay Street, Ganjingzi District, and Xianglujiao Street, Xigang District will be upgraded to medium-risk areas, which will be adjusted in due course according to the epidemic situation and changes.


For medium-risk areas, they are required to take the following measures on the basis of regular prevention and control work:


  1. Do a good job in the routine monitoring of close contacts, overseas personnel, medical personnel and other groups as well as medical institutions, schools and nurseries, pension and welfare institutions, prisons and other units.


  1. Isolation treatment of cases. Timely transfer the cases to designated hospitals for isolation treatment, and single-person and single-room isolation treatment for suspected cases.


  1. Epidemiological investigation. Give full play to the advantages of big data and identify possible sources of infection according to relevant information such as sojourn history, contact history and exposure history of cases. To determine and track their close contacts, and to implement centralized isolation medical observation.


  1. Terminal disinfection. Terminal disinfection shall be carried out on residential places, transportation, public places and other environments and articles that may be contaminated by the case.


  1. Delineate the scope of prevention and control areas. According to the results of communication risk assessment, the minimum prevention and control units (such as classes in schools, units in buildings, workshops in factories, offices in workplaces, and households in rural areas) are designated. Moderately limit the gathering activities within a certain range.


  1. Active case search. Active search was carried out for those with respiratory symptoms such as fever and dry cough within 14 days within the protection area, and virus nucleic acid and serum antibody tests were carried out in a timely manner.


  1. Start intensive monitoring. According to the results of the risk assessment, key population monitoring will be carried out for medical institutions, places, units and communities with transmission risks within the identified region.


Under the strong leadership of the provincial party committee and government, and the professional guidance of the expert group of the National Health and Health Commission, various precise prevention and control measures will be strictly and carefully implemented, the spread of the epidemic will be resolutely curbed, the life safety and health of the people will be firmly protected, and the hard-won production and living order will be maintained and guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.