Tan Zuojun Presides the Meeting of the Municipal Headquarters for Overall Promotion of Epidemic Prevention and Control, Economic and Social Development and Makes a Speech

On July 23, the Municipal Headquarters for Overall Promotion of novel coronavirus pneumonia Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development held a meeting. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and commander-in-chief of the Municipal Headquarters for Overall Promotion of Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development, presided over and Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, mayor and commander-in-chief of the municipal headquarters for overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, attended and spoke. Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and Wang Qiyao, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative The deputy commander-in-chief of the municipal headquarters for overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development attended the meeting.


The meeting pointed out that there have been consecutive confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in our city and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim. The whole city should conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, quickly enter a state of war, make every effort, mobilize the whole people, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. It is necessary to carry out rapid detection and race against time to carry out investigation, detection, flow adjustment, traceability and other work on key groups, so as to ensure that all checks should be carried out. It is necessary to quickly disinfect and concentrate on epidemic prevention inspection, sanitary disinfection and nucleic acid detection in key areas, especially large shopping malls, bazaars and cold chain warehouses, so as to effectively resolve potential risks from the source. We should quickly close Internet cafes, bathrooms, chess and card rooms and other closed places in medium-risk areas and resolutely block the transmission channels of the epidemic. To quickly report fever, cough and other symptoms, timely treatment nearby, and strictly implement the "four early" requirements, and resolutely prevent work with diseases. To deal with it quickly, we must resolutely crack down on those who violate the provisions of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in accordance with the law and earnestly safeguard social order.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to adhere to the principle of putting the people first and life first, to fulfill the responsibility of the people, and to ensure the health and life safety of the people. We should do our best to treat patients, strengthen the allocation of medical resources, and perfect the treatment plan. To improve the protection level of medical institutions, to prevent the occurrence of nosocomial infection. To do a good job in service guarantee, for closed management communities, set up special work classes, keep a close eye on the actual needs of the masses, and effectively solve the supply of residents' daily necessities. We should coordinate the city's nucleic acid detection capability, scientifically set up routine sampling points, strictly implement the detection process, and strengthen the professional training of staff so as to make the detection more efficient and the masses more satisfied.


The meeting stressed the need to strengthen confidence and respond scientifically to ensure that all measures to prevent and control the epidemic are practical and efficient. We should enhance our understanding of Novel Coronavirus, enhance our vigilance and sensitivity, respect medical laws, respect expert opinions, increase our knowledge reserve, and nip in the bud. We should actively carry out patriotic health campaigns, raise the awareness of epidemic prevention among the masses, popularize daily prevention and control knowledge, and educate and guide citizens to develop good health habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, not clustering, not gathering, etc. To strengthen publicity and guidance, timely release of epidemic information, and actively respond to social concerns. Information should be reported and transmitted in a timely manner to provide scientific reference for accurate and efficient prevention and control of the epidemic. We should actively communicate with national and provincial disease control institutions and actively seek business guidance, material support and personnel support. To strengthen the organization and leadership, the responsible Party and government comrades in all regions should go deep into the front line and command at the front. Relevant departments should carry out their respective duties and responsibilities and resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.