A total of 452,000 Tourists were Received during the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday. The City's Comprehensive Tourism Income was 445 Million Yuan

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the resumption of work and production by cultural and tourism enterprises in our city has reached a peak. Yesterday, learned from the Municipal Cultural and Tourism Bureau that compared with this year's "May Day" long holiday, the cultural and tourism market in our city is rapidly warming up during the Dragon Boat Festival long holiday. During the three-day long vacation, the city received 452,000 tourists, with a comprehensive tourism income of 445 million yuan. According to estimates, compared with the same period last year, it decreased by 50.38% and 64.43% respectively. Major scenic spots received 338,000 people and their operating income was 28.5 million yuan, down 63.81% and 70.9% respectively.


Dalian Railway Station and Dalian North Railway Station have 232 trains arriving in 3 days, down 29.7%, with 55,200 passengers arriving, down 67.04%. 324 incoming flights, down 50.1%, and 30,100 tourists, down 64.5%; Road passenger traffic was 15,100, down 5.4%, and passenger traffic was 416,200, down 40.2%.


During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the city's tourism organization was orderly, with rich activities, smooth operation, smooth traffic and no major tourism complaints or safety accidents. The small long vacation coincides with the cherry picking season in our city, and the enthusiasm of citizens and tourists is high. The tour methods are mainly self-driving tour, city tour, short-range tour and outdoor tour. Various districts, cities and counties, major scenic spots (spots) and hot springs have launched rich and colorful cultural and tourism activities. Taking the traditional festival as the main line, "looking up from a height, picking cherries, eating farming (fishing) meals, washing hot springs and making zongzi" have become the main contents of the festival, which are very popular with tourists and the general public.


During the festival, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism set up three inspection teams, focusing on tourist attractions. A total of 18 places of various types were randomly inspected, and a total of 70 tourist attractions were inspected. No illegal enterprises or behaviors were reported. The city's cultural and tourism market adheres to the "two-handed" and "two-handed" principles of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. Scenic spots strictly control epidemic prevention, hotels strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements, and travel agencies insist on controlling product quality. At the same time, the innovative and created various new forms of tourism and cultural activities benefiting the people have greatly promoted the steady recovery of the city's cultural and tourism market.