Tan Zuojun Attends the 27th Committee of the Municipal Civilization Commission and Delivers a Speech

On June 20, Dalian Municipal Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization Construction held its 27th Committee. Tan Zuojun, member of CPC Standing Committee of Liaoning Province, secretary of CPC Committee and director of the Municipal Civilization Committee of Dalian, attended and spoke. Chen Shaowang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor and first deputy director of the Municipal Civilization Commission, presided over the meeting. Xu Shaoda, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Publicity and Executive Deputy Director of the Municipal Civilization Commission, reported on the 2019 National Civilized City Assessment.


Tan Zuojun affirmed the city's spiritual civilization construction work since last year. He pointed out that this year is the sprint year for the three-year construction cycle of civilized cities in the country, with tight time, high requirements and heavy tasks. The whole city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the construction of spiritual civilization. We will further improve our understanding of the great significance of the construction of civilized cities. We will increase our pressure, raise standards, participate in all personnel and do our best to fight in the battle. We will make up for the short board and the strong and weak items as soon as possible. We will strive to extend the connotation and expand the content. We will resolutely win the national battle to defend the honor of civilized cities so that the achievements of the construction of civilized cities will benefit more citizens.


Tan Zuojun stressed that we must make up our minds and exert our power with precision to resolutely win the battle to defend the honor of civilized cities in the country. To firmly grasp the responsibility to implement this "bull nose", the Municipal Civilization Office should play a good role in leading, supervising and guiding the work. Each member unit should divide the tasks into people and points. Each region should assume the main responsibility and territorial responsibility to form a working situation of one level at a time and one level at a time. We should focus on the "hard bar" of the evaluation system, thoroughly understand the standards, strictly match the standards, and implement targeted policies. We should make up for what is missing and do what is missing. We should give full play to the role of a third-party professional evaluation organization and promote the creation of work to improve quality and efficiency. We should focus on fulfilling the "written pledge to fulfill military orders" of the "Promotion Action Work Plan", carry out in-depth patriotic health campaigns, strengthen the control of traffic violations, advocate good social customs, so as to go hand in hand with "dirty", "chaos", "poor" and "lack" and continuously improve the modernization level of urban governance.


Tan Zuojun stressed that it is necessary to take the opportunity of creating a civilized city to continuously extend the connotation and enrich the content of the creation so that urban and rural residents can share the fruits of civilized creation. In order to achieve a breakthrough of zero civilized cities at the county level, we should enhance the economic strength of the county level, intensify our work, enhance the functions of the county level, enhance the image of the city, and strive to be a good leader in the whole province. We should create civilized units to promote the construction of spiritual civilization, improve the quality and expand the scope, guide industry units and non-public organizations that have the conditions to create, and continue to carry out the creation activities of "civilized service window" and "honest service pacesetter". The establishment of civilized villages and towns should help the overall revitalization of villages, deepen the construction of rural living environment, rural customs and cultural life, and ensure that more than half of the civilized villages and towns at or above the county level in the city at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. We should create a civilized campus to lead young people to fasten the first button of life, integrate ideological and moral guidance into all stages and links of minors' education, and fully implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and cultivating people. It is necessary to create a civilized family to cultivate a good family style, and to promote the formation of a new socialist family civilization fashion of patriotism, love each other, upward kindness, and co-construction and sharing. We should make every effort to build Dalian's civilized brand with the establishment of civilized buildings and hospitals, guide the participation of the masses, and promote the establishment of civilized buildings and hospitals to connect points and form lines and gather lines to form surfaces. In the process of building a civilized city, we should do a good job of outreach and outreach economy, organize and standardize management in accordance with standards and delineated scope, clean up the gathering and stalls in non-designated places in accordance with regulations, support management units at all levels to enforce the law and administer according to law, and show a good image of Dalian city.


Tan Zuojun stressed that the establishment of a national civilized city is related to the interests of the masses and the honor of the city. It is necessary to set up the guidance of discussing heroes with practical results and further consolidate the foundation for the establishment of a civilized city. We should adhere to the combination of problem-oriented and goal-oriented, be good at using legal thinking and legal methods, and ensure high-quality completion of "prescribed actions". We should strengthen supervision and assessment, make good use of the "baton" of performance assessment, resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and strive to achieve solid results. We should improve and perfect the system and mechanism, give full play to the mass advantages of the creation activities, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, create a strong atmosphere, and form a joint force in the creation work.


When presiding over the meeting, Chen Shaowang stressed that all regions, departments and units should deeply understand the spirit of the meeting, put the work of creating a city in a more important position, formulate and perfect the creation plan, carry out extensive mobilization and deployment, pool the strength of all parties in the city, and quickly set off the upsurge of creating a civilized city in the country. It is necessary to set standards for the evaluation system of creating a city, focus on the difficulties, chaos and blind spots identified in the "Promotion Action Work Plan", formulate special rectification plans and monthly promotion plans, list timetables, draw road maps, scientifically and accurately implement policies, and pay close attention to the "six implementations" of tasks, responsibilities, personnel, progress, time limit and effect. We should step up the assessment of the creation work, earnestly build up the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties and eliminate diseases through strict supervision and examination, and strictly rewards and punishments, so as to push forward the implementation of the remediation tasks and make every effort to win the "six consecutive championships" of civilized cities in the country.


The meeting reviewed the "Work Plan on Launching the 6th National Civilized City Creation and Promotion Campaign". The Municipal Civilization Commission and its member units have signed the "Letter of Responsibility for Dalian's Creation of the 6th National Civilized City". Zhongshan District, Ganjingzi District, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Municipal Urban Management Bureau and Municipal Women's Federation made statements.


The meeting was held in the form of video teleconference. All members of the Municipal Civilization Commission attended the meeting. Each district, city, county and open pilot area will set up sub-venues.