Xi Jinping's Poverty Alleviation Story



One touching story after another connects the indissoluble bond between the people's leaders and the cause of poverty alleviation.


From the Party branch secretary of the production brigade to the top leader of a vast country, Comrade Xi Jinping has been caring about the poor people all the time for more than 40 years and has always shouldered the mission of helping the poor.


As early as when cut in line in Liangjiahe of northern Shaanxi, he led the villagers to dig wells, build warping dams, build terraces and build biogas digesters, striving towards the simple goal of "eating corn flour all the year round".


As party secretary in Zhengding, Hebei, he waded through the Hutuo River step by step with his bicycle on his shoulder and traveled through more than 200 villages throughout the county to explore the way out of poverty through rural reform.


As prefectural party Committee secretary in Ningde, Fujian, he traveled almost all villages and towns, constantly exploring the way of "weak birds fly first".


When he came to work in the province, he focused on helping each other and promoted the "Fujian-Nanjing Cooperation" to produce fruitful results in Ningxia.


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping, standing at the historical height of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the cause of human poverty reduction, has carefully planned China's precise poverty alleviation work, and has given strategic guidance and devoted himself to the implementation of the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the goal of the first century.


General Secretary Xi Jinping went deep into contiguous poverty-stricken areas across the country. He visited more than 20 poor villages, For four consecutive years, he presided over the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau to listen to the evaluation report on the effectiveness For six consecutive years, a symposium on poverty eradication has been held, for six consecutive years, important activities have been attended or important instructions have been given during the National Poverty Alleviation Day, for six consecutive years, poverty eradication has been emphasized in New Year's greetings, for seven consecutive years, representatives of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress have discussed poverty eradication plans, and many letters have been sent to encourage grassroots cadres and the masses to join in the great cause of anti-poverty struggle...


As General Secretary Xi Jinping himself said: "For more than 40 years, I have worked successively in counties, cities, provinces and the central government in China. Poverty alleviation has always been an important part of my work, and I have spent the most energy."



Look at the story of the real poverty-"You have to show me the real situation, not the unreal."


In the spring of 2020, China was under the impact of novel coronavirus pneumonia. While leading the people of the whole country to fight the "epidemic", General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been thinking about an important event.


On March 6, a symposium on decisive battle and poverty eradication was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This is the largest meeting on poverty eradication since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In order not only to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, but also to accurately and quickly transmit the spirit of the CPC Central Committee to all regions and departments, the symposium was held in the form of a teleconference, with the participation of leading comrades of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and 22 provinces in the central and western regions all the way to the county level. At the beginning of the symposium, General Secretary Xi Jinping came straight to the point: "After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, I also considered waiting for the epidemic to be effectively controlled before going to the place. However, I think there are less than 10 months to go before the full scale of this year, which is 300 days on a daily basis. There are already many hard bones to chew on to achieve the goal of overcoming poverty as scheduled. The epidemic has increased the difficulty and must be mobilized and redeployed as soon as possible."


Look ahead, 300 days! We will achieve the goal of overcoming poverty and move towards a well-off society in an How exciting it is for the Chinese people to realize their millennium ambition and dream today! In the struggle of the last century, the Chinese Communists have led the people to create miracles to get rid of poverty and set the grand goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way.


This is the solemn promise made by the CPC Central Committee to history and the people.


After the conclusion of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, Xi Jinping, newly elected general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said in a meeting with Chinese and foreign reporters: "The people's yearning for a better life is our goal."


Facing this goal, he felt deeply responsible-


"When the time comes, it is announced to build a well-off society in an all-round way, but there are still so many people living below the poverty line."


Only by finding out the real bottom line of poverty and knowing fairly well can poverty alleviation work be promoted in a targeted way. General Secretary Xi Jinping made this request at the beginning of his term of office.


More than a month later, the figure of the general secretary appeared in the freezing Taihang Mountains.


In Luotuowan Village, Fuping County, Hebei Province, Tang Rongbin, a poor family, had seen only the head of the township before. On that day, the village party secretary Gu Runjin came to Tang Rongbin's house and said that someone would inspect it, but did not tell him who the person was. Unexpectedly, it was General Secretary Xi Jinping.


Holding General Secretary Xi Jinping's hand, Tang Rongbin was so nervous that he forgot what he had prepared all night.


General Secretary Xi Jinping said the purpose of the visit was to "see the real poverty". He stressed that no matter how far the road is or how difficult the conditions are, they must obey the purpose of the trip.


The general secretary said to the local cadres: "I came here specially to visit you just to understand the current poverty situation and actual situation in our country. You have to let me see the real situation and not those that are untrue. Therefore, it is true to go further, even if you look less, and it is worth it!"


How many people are there in the family, how many siblings, how many acres of land in the family, how is the harvest, how is the rural cooperative medical system... Looking at the real poverty and examining the truth, the general secretary asked very carefully one by one.


The iron pan on the hearth was still steaming. The general secretary opened the lid and saw steamed buns, tortillas, sweet potatoes, potatoes and pumpkins steamed inside.


Tang Rongbin's wife took out a steamed potato from the pot and handed it to the general secretary. The general secretary broke off a piece and put it in his mouth: "It tastes good!" Let everyone in the same trade taste it.


The journey is thousands of miles, and the people are paramount. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has traveled all over contiguous poor areas. Farm courtyards, fields, a square table, several benches, observe the sufferings of the people, carefully identify the crux of poverty. There are still many stories like what happened in Camel Bay Village.



The story of the account book-"Poverty alleviation is to seek truth from facts, adjust measures to local conditions, guide by classification, and help the poor accurately"


Shibadong Village is an ordinary small village in western Hunan.


One year after his trip to Fuping, on November 3, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the important statement of "precise poverty alleviation" for the first time here.


Shibadong Village, Huayuan County, Hunan Province, is located in the hinterland of Wuling Mountains. It is a poor village inhabited by Miao people hidden in remote and quiet valleys. When the general secretary arrived in Shibadong Village, the incidence of poverty in the village was as high as 57%.


Villager Shi BaSan clearly remembered that General Secretary Xi Jinping visited her home, sat down with the family to calculate the income and expenditure accounts, asked what difficulties and plans she had, inspected her barn, bed, kitchen and pigsty, and encouraged the family to enhance confidence and create a better life with diligence and wisdom.


"He hoped that everyone would understand what to plant, what to raise and where to increase income. Don't shout big slogans or set goals that are too ambitious. Poverty alleviation is to seek truth from facts, adjust measures to local conditions, guide by classification and help the poor precisely." Villager Shi Chengfu recalled.


In 2016, the Hunan delegation to the NPC and CPPCC will review the scene:


General Secretary Xi Jinping and the delegates recalled the scene at that time and counted the income at the same time.


"I officially put forward that 'precise poverty alleviation' is in Shibadong village" and "how much is the per capita income now?" General Secretary Xi Jinping asked.


"When you came, it was 1680 yuan, but now it has increased to 3580 yuan." Guo Jianqun, governor of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, told the general secretary that the income of the people in Shibadong Village has increased and the appearance of the village has changed. It has become a civilized village and a designated tourist village in the whole province. The villagers have more smiles and stronger desire for development. Even older young men have an easy way to solve the problem of getting married.


"How many people got married last year?" Asked by the general secretary.


"Seven, that is, seven older young people who have taken off the list." Guo Jianqun said.


General Secretary Xi Jinping said happily: "I have been reading some series of reports recently, and I am very gratified after reading them. They have also played an exemplary role in themselves. With greater determination, clearer thinking and more precise measures, we should fight the battle against poverty and achieve the goal of overcoming poverty as scheduled."


In 2016, Shibadong Village lifted the whole village out of poverty.


"Settling accounts" has become the most vivid interpretation of precise poverty alleviation.


On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, in Desheng Village, a poor village in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, more than 200 kilometers north of Beijing, General Secretary Xi Jinping sat in the living room of the villagers Xu Haicheng and calculated his income and expenditure one by one: "Planting 3 mu of original potato seed, yielding 2,000 kg per mu and earning 2 yuan per kg; The average commercial potato is planted on 15 mu, which is 50 cents per kg."


"The price difference is great." General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the ways to increase income from the small books of poor households.


General Secretary Xi Jinping said that potatoes are a big industry. He asked the local cadres, is there any hope of making potato seed breeding bigger?


"Hopefully, potato breeding in our county accounts for one fifth of the country's total." Hao Fuguo, secretary of the county Party committee, replied.


General Secretary Xi Jinping nodded and said: "You have all the next steps, that is, how to develop it in a market-oriented and large-scale way."


Such scenes are no stranger.


At Zhang Chengde's home in Shenshan Village, Jinggangshan, Jiangxi Province, At Lv Youjin's home in Banyan Village, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Qinghai, at Wang Nengbao's home and Chen Zeshen's home in Jinzhai, Anhui, at Ma Ke's home in Yangling Village, Guyuan, Ningxia... General Secretary Xi Jinping opened poverty alleviation manuals, "Direct Subsidy for Immigrants", "Subsidy for Public Welfare Forests", "Family Planning Award" and "Labor Income". He looked at the implementation of precise poverty alleviation policies, carefully inquired about their income and expenditure, and worked out ways to get rid of poverty and become rich with the needy.


It is not only the income and expenditure accounts of poor households. How many poor people are there in the country and whether they can be accurate to each household, this account is the basis for accurate poverty alleviation.


"Only when the situation is clear can we do our work at home and in place. To help the villagers in difficulty get rid of poverty and become rich, we must have a targeted approach. We must touch the situation one by one. Both Zhang's parents and Li's family must know fairly well." General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed this when visiting the needy in Fuping County, Hebei Province. When participating in the deliberation of the NPC and CPPCC delegations in 2013, the General Secretary further pointed out that poverty alleviation cannot be "grenade bombing fleas" or "flood irrigation". The poor should be accurately identified, assisted and managed.


The general secretary's words of "knowing fairly well" and "identifying accurately" point directly to the key of poverty alleviation work.


According to the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, an unprecedented work of filing cards for the poor has been carried out nationwide. In 2014, the poverty alleviation system carried out poverty identification nationwide. Filing cards has enabled China's poverty data to reach villages and households for the first time.


With this "account", poverty alleviation and development has entered a new stage of "drip irrigation" precision poverty alleviation.


Small books with big feelings. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made scientific summary and theoretical improvement of poverty alleviation work on the basis of long-term practice, forming an accurate poverty alleviation strategy and promoting the great development of poverty alleviation work in China.


In the seven years since poverty eradication, China's poverty population has decreased by more than 90 million, equivalent to the total population size of a medium-sized country.



The story of tea and fruit-"when drinking water, one does not forget to dig wells, and when getting rich, one does not forget the kindness of the Party", this sentence is very well said. "


Pick up a cup of fragrant Anji white tea, this piece of rich Jin Ye was once just a common crop in remote mountain villages.


Mei Xiying, the head of the white tea base in Huangdu Village, Xilong Township, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, clearly remembers that on April 9, 2003, Xi Jinping, then secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, walked into the tea garden along Mud Road and asked about the promotion and planting of white tea-how white tea was introduced, how it was cut, how it was collected, processed and sold.


Today, the planting area of white tea in Huangdu Village has expanded from more than 5,000 mu to 12,000 mu, with an annual output value of 150 million yuan. In the past, barren hills have turned into a "sea of tea", and the income of villagers has also changed from "earning one dollar a day" to more than 36,000 yuan per capita per year.


Do not forget the kindness of the Party when you become rich, and do not forget when you become rich first.


In April 2018, 20 Party members from Huangdu Village wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting on the cultivation of white tea in the village and proposing to donate 15 million tea seedlings to help people in poor areas out of poverty.


General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions on this matter, stressing: "Don't forget to dig wells when drinking water, and don't forget the kindness of the Party when getting rich." This sentence is very good. It is of great significance to win the battle against poverty to strengthen the awareness of drinking water and thinking of the source, not forgetting the kindness of the Party, and to carry forward the spirit of sharing worries for the Party and helping the rich first and then the rich.


Two years have passed, and 15 million tea seedlings have taken root in 34 poverty-stricken villages in 4 counties of 3 provinces of Hunan, Sichuan and Guizhou, driving 5,839 poor people from 1,862 households in the donated land to increase income and shake off poverty.


The superiority of China's socialist system lies in that poverty alleviation has never been a matter for one place, one unit or one person.


In February 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping returned to Liangjiahe. He took an off-road vehicle and went along the rugged mountain road to inspect the apple plantation on the high side of the mountain ridge.


General Secretary Xi Jinping was very happy to learn that apples planted on sloping fields yield 4,000 kg per mu and can earn more than 20,000 yuan. Recalling that when he cut in line more than 40 years ago, the villagers suffered and the crops planted were only a few tens of catties per mu, he felt very deeply.


General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to study how to solve the problems of reducing production due to disasters, different prices for the same fruit, and difficult harvest in good years. In particular, the proposed counterpart assistance has made financial products that were once considered unrelated to poor areas a stable support for the development of the Apple industry.


Under the overall planning of the CSRC, the China Financial Futures Exchange has innovated and launched Apple's "insurance + futures" financial products in Yanchang County, Shaanxi Province, which is helping each other. The insurance company is responsible for providing price insurance for fruit growers, and the final price fluctuation risk is hedged and stabilized by the futures company in the futures market.


The first batch of pilot households benefiting were Xiao Jinguang, a fruit grower in Aqing Village, Angou Town. In 2018, he insured 30 tons of apples in his family according to a kilo of 4 yuan. Later, when the market fluctuated, a kilo fell to 1.8 yuan. "If I had been poor again, now the insurance company has really lost, and if I have the confidence, I will be more energetic."


In May 2019, Yan'an counties took off poverty and took off their hats. Apple really became a "rich fruit".


A cup of green tea, an apple, a ham, a pot of small wine... More and more special products from poor areas are going to the common people's dining tables in big cities.


On February 12, 2018, when General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a symposium in Chengdu on the fight against poverty with precision, he stressed that social mobilization should be adhered to, forces from all sides should be pooled, the role of both the government and society should be brought into full play, and a pattern of extensive participation of the whole society in the fight against poverty should be formed.


In November 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 15 departments issued the "Initiative to Mobilize All Social Forces to Participate in Poverty Alleviation through Consumption". A "big pattern of poverty alleviation" in which special poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation and social poverty alleviation complement each other has gradually taken shape.



The Story of "Weak Birds Fly First"-"Strengthening the Combination of Poverty Alleviation with Helping Volunteers and Wisdom to Make Poverty Alleviation Have Sustainable Endogenous Power"


In 1988, after walking through the nine counties in eastern Fujian, Xi Jinping, then secretary of Ningde Prefectural Party Committee, wrote a survey of the nine counties in eastern Fujian under the topic of "How Weak Birds Fly First".


He wrote that the concepts of "peace and happiness for the poor", "freedom for the poor", "waiting, relying, demanding", complaining about others, etc. should all be included in the sweep. Weak birds are expected to fly first, and poor birds may become rich first. However, whether we can realize "flying first" and "getting rich first" depends first on whether we have this kind of consciousness in our minds.


At that time, many comrades pinned their hopes of getting rid of poverty on the state allocating more funds and taking more care of them. Comrade Xi Jinping said: "We need to put in a correct position: put the key to solving the shortage of raw materials and funds on ourselves. The change of this position is the first essence of the consciousness of" flying first ". We need to change everything from asking for all people to asking for all ourselves in advance." "We are fully capable of extraordinary development in some unrestricted areas and in places with unique advantages in poor areas."


To "fly first", one must show the spirit of "dare to fly".


Comrade Xi Jinping found that because among Fujian's nine cities, Ningde's comrades were sitting in the last row and did not dare to speak loudly when they went to the provincial meeting.


Comrade Xi Jinping deeply feels that this situation needs to be changed. After working in Ningde, he always sits in the first row and competes for the first speech when he goes to meetings in the province. He is convinced that poverty-stricken areas cannot help the poor without vigor and vitality. Just because it is designated as a poverty-stricken county or a poverty-stricken area, we cannot get used to talking about how poor our county is. Over time, people are short and unable to lift their spirits. As a result, "poverty-stricken county consciousness" arises from inferiority complex.


With the consciousness of "flying first", one must also have "wings" that "can fly".


In the heart of Bai Xiuhua, a senior teacher of Xining Hui Middle School, the day when magnolia blossomed in 2016 will never be forgotten.


As a representative of the National People's Congress, she came to Beijing with the results of her own research on several schools in agricultural and pastoral areas, hoping to make suggestions for improving the strength of rural teachers at the National People's Congress.


During the deliberation of the Qinghai delegation, she called a spade a spade: "The problem of low overall quality of rural teachers is still prominent, especially the weak strength of bilingual teachers in Chinese and national languages."


The frank speech attracted the attention of General Secretary Xi Jinping: "To help the poor, we should first help the wise. We should pay more attention to education to get rid of poverty. We should strive to solve the problem of equalization of educational resources. We should not let the children of the poor lose at the starting line. We should block the intergenerational transmission of poverty."


Only by breaking the vicious circle of "poor" and "foolish" can "weak birds" spread their wings and fly high.


However, in the vast land of China, cases of "Matthew Effect" are not uncommon-the poorer the place, the more difficult it is to educate, but the poorer the place, the more it needs education, and the poorer it will be if it does not.


This situation deeply saddens General Secretary Xi Jinping-


"I went to some poor places to see, some children are seven or eight years old, still stay at home, do not go to school. Education in poor areas must be promoted. Children must not lose at the starting line. They must be given the opportunity to receive education and go to college. In another ten to eight years, they will become rich experts. At least they will be able to earn food and not live in poverty again. "


Only education can enable poor areas to insert wings that take off and realize the dream of "weak birds fly first"!


In order to "help the wise", he looked at the truth-he traveled for more than 3 hours to Zhongyi Township Primary School deep in Chongqing's mountains, carefully inspecting the restaurants and back kitchens in the teachers' and students' canteens to understand the children's study and living conditions.


In order to "help the wise", he tried to find a way-"for poor mountainous areas, rural teachers should go in or children should board outside. For those who are too remote, they can not have centralized accommodation. In order to get to the boarding place, the children have to walk for several hours, which is very unsafe. We can send teachers in, make the treatment better, adopt a rotation system, and use such experience as an important basis for teachers to be promoted. "


In order to "help people with wisdom", he raised expectations-in his reply to the teachers participating in the "National Training Plan (2014)" Guizhou Seminar of Beijing Normal University, he earnestly urged young people to "strive to be the endeavor of educational reform, the forerunner of educational poverty alleviation and the guide of student growth".


The belief and ambition that "weak birds are expected to fly first" make changes quietly take place-


"Now the Party's policy is so good that if we don't work hard, we will be sorry to the General Secretary!" In Luotuowan Village, Fuping County, Hebei Province, the simple villagers spoke in unison.


"As long as there is confidence, loess will turn into gold," the general secretary said in those days, which was really effective! " The villagers said with a smile.


Small villages are the same year after year. Spider webs quietly covered the old temple with strong incense. "You can't pull out poor roots by burning incense." One villager said that he could not wait for relief either. Everyone should find ways to find ways and seize opportunities together. Whoever is on the poverty alleviation ambition list and honor list will do it.


Over the past few years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has said this sentence on many occasions: "Strengthen the combination of poverty alleviation with helping volunteers and wisdom, so that poverty alleviation has a sustainable endogenous power." Getting rid of poverty is not only the improvement of material conditions, but also the all-round development of human beings. This is the meaning of China's fight against poverty.



The story of the "return to the post" of the county party Committee secretary-"the county party Committee secretary and the county magistrate in poor counties should stay there firmly, bear the responsibility to the end, and" cannot go "without getting rid of poverty."


Not long ago, a photo of "five secretaries in the same frame" was "flashed" on the Internet.


In the falling spring rain, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who is on an inspection tour in the Qinba Mountains of Shaanxi Province, walked towards the working tea farmers with a smile on his face. Beside him are Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Ankang Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Pingli County Party Committee Secretary and Jiangjiaping Village Party Branch Secretary.


The distant mountains are like Dai and the tea gardens are like pictures. From the general secretary of the Party to the secretary of the Party branch at the grass-roots level, people have seen the simple feelings of leading cadres at all levels of the Party rooted in the soil and devoted themselves to serving the people. They have also seen the organizational and institutional advantages of the Communist Party of China.


The time goes back to 5 years ago.


In November 2015, Beijing Jingxi Hotel. The Central Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Development, which is called "the highest standard in history" by the outside world, was held here with all the members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee present.


At the meeting, the main leaders of 22 central and western provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) solemnly signed their names on the letters of responsibility for poverty eradication. These "top leaders" who shoulder the important task of overcoming poverty have issued "military orders" to the Party Central Committee.


There is no joke in the army. General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed: "The written pledge to fulfill military orders is not made casually. We must do what we say."


The province has issued a "written pledge to fulfill a military order" to the central government, and the cities have to issue a "written pledge to fulfill a military order" to the provinces and counties to the cities. The pressure is transmitted layer by layer and the responsibilities are compacted layer by layer.


About half a year after the meeting, on June 3, 2016, Jinzhai County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, located in the Dabie Mountains, held a meeting of county leading cadres. At the meeting, it was announced that the superior had decided that Comrade Pan Dongxu would no longer serve as party secretary. Prior to this, he had been appointed deputy secretary of Lu'an municipal party Committee.


To everyone's surprise, 12 days later, Comrade Pan Dongxu returned-his position was still deputy secretary of Liu'an Municipal Committee and secretary of Jinzhai County Committee.


It turns out that just over a month ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Jinzhai County and made it clear: "In order to fight the tough battle against poverty, we must take measures to stabilize poverty alleviation, establish a long-term poverty alleviation mechanism, and persevere in the poverty alleviation work." Comrade Pan Dongxu "left office" and "returned to work", which was exactly the instruction given by the General Secretary himself.


"It's true that the county party committee secretary and the county magistrate of the poor county should stay there and bear the responsibility to the end. They can't walk without getting rid of poverty. Only when they come out of the water can they see mud on their legs." General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed many times, "Without this one, anyone can pat his ass and leave, which will become a running water banquet and a running water table."


On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping braved the severe cold and came to Desheng Village, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province to visit the needy. In Xu Hai, a villager, Hao Fuguo, secretary of the county party committee, pointed to Su Huibin, first secretary of Desheng Village, and reported to the general secretary: "This is the first secretary sent by the province and has played an important role. Including the introduction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, drilling wells and building roads, contacting scientific research institutes to carry out agricultural technology training, and strengthening grass-roots party building."


"Our goal is' not to shake off poverty, not to decouple '." Su Huibin then reported to the general secretary that he went to the village as the first secretary in February 2016 and had to work in the village for more than 20 days every month.


"The train runs fast and depends entirely on the front of the train." General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the locomotive for poverty eradication is the Party branch. The Poverty Alleviation Task Force and the First Secretary have been sent. All these measures have been taken. The key is to consolidate and give full play to their actual results. The first secretary should really help the poor and jump down to work here.


Su Huibin wrote down these words.


"Deep poverty is the firmness in the firmness. To fight such a battle, one must send the person who can fight best"-this is the view that the General Secretary has always insisted on.


He pointed out many times that it is necessary to organically combine consolidating rural grass-roots party organizations with tackling poverty, and pay attention to selecting a group of outstanding young cadres and college graduates with good ideas, correct style of work and strong ability to work in poor villages.


As for how the first secretary should carry out his work, General Secretary Xi Jinping also often gives them advice: to really sink down, jump down to work in the village and work with the masses, not to skim the water, not to fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, not to see the dragon head but not the tail.


Cadres in poor areas work hard, and the general secretary sees it in his eyes and keeps it in mind.


In his 2019 New Year message, he warmly greeted the First Secretary. At the People's Daily, he connected the People's Daily via video to the First Secretary of Yuying Village, Luanping County, Hebei Province, to learn about the work situation and to pay tribute to all the First Secretaries of Poverty Alleviation Resident Villages in the country.


"We should care for, care for and pay attention to them, and try our best to solve their problems in their work and life. Those with good quality and conditions in all aspects should be promoted and used to encourage them to work hard to win the battle against poverty." General Secretary Xi Jinping said.


In November 2015, the Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Winning the Fight Against Poverty clearly stated: "During the crucial period of poverty eradication, the county-level leadership of poor counties should remain stable, and those who perform well and meet the conditions can be upgraded locally."


Under the personal care and guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping, since 2015, a total of 459,000 first secretaries have been selected nationwide, with 230,000 now on duty. This has achieved full coverage of poverty-stricken villages in filing Lika and villages with weak and lax Party organizations. It has been praised by the masses as "good cadres from parties" and "guides in poverty alleviation and prosperity".



The Story of the Road-"It's really going through all kinds of obstacles and wading across mountains and rivers."


"What is special about China's road to poverty reduction?"


At the 2019 High-level Forum on Poverty Reduction and Development, Luo Shili, Coordinator of the United Nations System in China, raised such a question.


To find out the answer, only by looking back on the road you have taken.


Fifty years ago, ravines crisscrossed the yellow land of Liangjiahe River in Shaanxi Province. Comrade Xi Jinping witnessed the hardships of the people and experienced their sufferings.


"When the educated youth first went, they still had some food supply. Later, they had to work on their own. Like the common people, they were quite nervous." Many years later, Comrade Xi Jinping still remembers that local people often say, "Fat in the first month, thin in February, half dead in March and April." During spring ploughing, every family leaves their only grain to the strong laborers who farm the land, and their mother-in-law and aunt take their children out to beg for food.


"At first, the educated youth's mind was full of conceptual things, and they felt that beggars were not good... Later, we fell to the point of going to beg ourselves, only to understand what was going on, and took the initiative to help those who went out to beg to open the way and open letters of introduction. At that time, these phenomena greatly touched our hearts and felt why farmers were so bitter."


A few decades later, Xi Jinping visited the United States as Chinese President. At a joint welcome banquet held by the local government of Washington State and friendly groups in the United States, he confessed his simple wish to the world: "One thing I am looking forward to is to let the villagers have a full meal of meat and often eat meat."


It is through such a difficult road that the determination to fight poverty will be so firm. As General Secretary Xi Jinping himself said: "Looking back on China's decades of poverty reduction, I have profound personal experience."


In the clank oath of the Chinese Communists that "they will never withdraw their troops until they win all the victories", Qian Qian's ten million "Liangjiahe" have changed their old appearance-"asphalt roads have been built, villagers have lived in brick and tile houses and used the Internet, the elderly enjoy basic old-age care, the villagers have medical insurance, the children can receive good education, and of course eating meat is no longer a problem".


The mountain road in Xiadang Township, Shouning County, Fujian Province witnessed a touching past.


Thirty years ago, the mountain road of Xiadang was winding and rugged. Comrade Xi Jinping set out to explore the way to lead the masses out of poverty.


"That place, because it is too remote and difficult to travel, the above cadres seldom go. I was the first to go to the prefectural party Committee secretary." Comrade Xi Jinping often recalls the scene of that year, "it was really cutting through all obstacles and wading across mountains and rivers. The secretary of the township party Committee cut in front with a wood chopper. Each of us took a bamboo pole and walked along the river. He said it would be closer."


Local people spontaneously came to the road and placed barrels of cool soup made of local medicinal materials every two or three miles to let Comrade Xi Jinping and his party relieve the summer heat. "Although I am very tired, I am very touched." Comrade Xi Jinping said affectionately, "You went to such a place once, and people will remember you for several generations. Now they will also say that Secretary Xi was in Xiadang Township. Feng Menglong was a magistrate of a county in Shouning and walked for half a year when he took office. We have to learn this spirit. Officials all want to be comfortable officials. That is not as good as feudal scholar-officials."


Today, hundreds of thousands of first secretaries and cadres stationed in villages are sticking to the poorest places, entering villages and households, one person at a time, finding out the "root of the disease" and pulling out the "root of the poor".


Two years ago, the mountain road in Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province was rugged and steep. General Secretary Xi Jinping traveled thousands of miles there to bring care and hope to the Yi people there.


The opening of the door is a cliff, and behind it is a cliff-deep in Daliang Mountain. The image cognition of "road" by the people of Atul Village for generations started from cliff after cliff and natural barrier after natural barrier.


It is difficult to reach the sky because of the danger of the barbarians. The villagers here weave rattan ladders with wooden sticks and rattan in the most dangerous places. These "ladders" are their only way out and hope to fight against fate.


"Looking at the villagers' travel status, I feel very worried." At the 2017 NPC and CPPCC sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping expressed his concern when talking about the TV news report on "Cliff Village" in Liangshan Prefecture. After learning that a new iron ladder had been built in the area, the general secretary's heart was "slightly relieved." The "Cliff Village" hidden in the clouds set up a tour to attract guests. Worried parents are no longer afraid of their children's way to school.


In the vast land of China, poverty eradication has opened up the way for hundreds of millions of people to struggle-


"We insist on taking over the overall economic and social development of poverty-stricken areas by tackling poverty. Poverty-stricken areas have shown a new development situation. Characteristic industries continue to grow, with rapid development in industrial poverty alleviation, e-commerce poverty alleviation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation and tourism poverty alleviation. The economic vitality and development potential of poor areas have increased significantly."


At this moment, it is time and tide wait for no man to win the decisive battle against poverty and to sprint hard.


"I have said many times that the battle against poverty cannot be won with a single charge. From decisive achievements to overall victory, the difficulties and challenges faced are still arduous and we must not slacken our efforts." In the face of the arduous task of overcoming poverty, the new challenges brought about by the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and the great difficulty in consolidating the achievements of poverty eradication, General Secretary Xi Jinping has always dealt with them soberly, calmly and calmly.


From the educated youth who first arrived in Liangjiahe to the people's leader who has been serving the country and the people for a long time, Comrade Xi Jinping walked through the winding mountain road with steep slopes and deep ditches, the country road covered with ice and snow, and the field path between the rolling wheat waves... The wind and rain went on and on.


Today, he is leading the people on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.