The Activities of the International Museum Day in Our City are Wonderful and Diversified

May 18 is International Museum Day. The Municipal Public Cultural Service Center gathered all museums in Dalian to prepare a series of wonderful cultural activities for the citizens. In addition to being able to enter the museum to enjoy fine exhibitions, citizens can also watch Dalian together at the "cloud" end. Six major sections, a variety of experiences, "2020 'May 18' International Museum Day-Expo to Dalian" allows the public to feel the museum from a different angle and to know the museum from a different perspective.


On the day of May 18, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center will invite curators of nine museums in Dalian to broadcast live online. Citizens can log on to the Himalayan "Great Culture Listening Hall" to listen to the wonderful introductory audio of the curators. During the museum day series of activities, four performances of "Cloud Watch" will also be carried out one after another. On May 19, Dalian Martial Arts Culture Museum will stage a large-scale martial arts stage play "Tai Chi Show". On May 21, 23 and 25, the World Museum of Music and Culture will present color hollow drum performance, Zeng Houyi chime re-engraving performance and Guqin performance respectively. In the "Collection Cloud Appreciation" section, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center will carefully select 10 "treasures" from hundreds of thousands of collections, specimens and ancient books in various museums and libraries for public appreciation, covering natural heritage, Chinese civilization, regional culture and contemporary development, and has carefully filmed a series of cultural feature films. Regarding these contents, citizens can pay attention to the WeChat public platform of "Dalian Public Culture" to watch.


At the same time, major museums have also launched a series of new wonderful exhibitions. The special exhibition of "Postal Museum" opened in Dalian Museum on May 18. The exhibition will tell the legendary stories of famous foreign museums and their collections of art works through stamps, first day covers and other stamp products issued around the world, so as to present an equal, pluralistic and inclusive art world. This exhibition will display more than 100 international standard stamp patches, and will also display more than 10 rare painting plates.


Dalian Museum of Natural History will launch offline activities such as "Messenger of Heaven and Earth-Story Exhibition of Meteorites" and "Treasure Appraiser of Small Rock Mine". During the activity, children will be popularized with knowledge about meteorites and rocks. In addition, from May 19 to May 23, a series of activities such as garbage sorting theme exhibition and creative small class will be launched online through WeChat public platform.


The special exhibition "Legend of the Whale" will be displayed on May 30 in Jinshitan Culture Expo Square. Before the exhibition, the Mysteries of Life Museum will also launch an online live broadcast at 14:00: 00 on May 20. Citizens can see the plasticized specimen of the world's first sperm whale in the live broadcast. The commentator will introduce popular science anecdotes such as the evolution of the whale and changes in its body structure to adapt to the environment. At the same time, citizens can also see the extinct animal specimen provided by Dalian Museum of Natural History-Baiji Dolphin, and feel the unique charm of creatures at close range.


"Chunhe Ceramic Story-Japanese Ancient Ceramics Art Exhibition Collected in Lushun Museum" opened on May 18. The exhibition will lead the citizens to unveil the past lives of ancient Japanese ceramics, from the earth ware in the rope pattern period, the Xuhui ware in the ancient grave period, the tea pottery burned in Tang Jin in the Taoshan period, to the Imari, Jiugu, Samo, Guodao and Beijing burns in the Edo Showa period. While feeling the unique charm of Japan's ancient ceramic culture, the citizens can also appreciate its cultural integration with China and the Korean Peninsula and witness the harmony and difference between cultures.


From May 18 to June 5, The Museum of the Former Site of Lushun Japan-Russia Prison and Shenyang 918 History Museum will jointly hold the "Silent Camp-Historical Facts Exhibition of Shenyang World War II Allied Prisoners of War Camp" to show the sufferings of prisoners of war during their detention, so that visitors can feel their perseverance, optimism and wisdom in the face of difficulties and warn future generations to stay away from war and cherish peace.


On May 18, Dalian Han Tomb Museum will hold a special cultural exhibition entitled "Flower of Prehistoric Civilization on Liao River-Xinle Site". The exhibition is sponsored by the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center and Shenyang Museum (Shenyang Palace Museum), and hosted by the Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology (Dalian Han Tomb Museum) and Shenyang Xinle Ruins Museum. The cultural relics on display in the exhibition are mainly the cultural relics of Xinle lower layer, Pianbaozi culture and Xinle upper layer unearthed from Xinle site. The 125 pieces (sets) on display are all from the collection of Shenyang Xinle Site Museum, dating from Neolithic Age to Bronze Age.