The City's Transportation Industry to Achieve High-Quality Development

In 2019, the transportation system will take the establishment of the new transportation bureau and the construction of the "big transportation" management system as an opportunity to push forward the construction of transportation infrastructure, strengthen the guarantee of transportation services, effectively optimize the transportation business environment, and actively promote the high-quality development of transportation work.


The construction of shipping centers and logistics centers has been accelerating. The "Regulations of Dalian Municipality on Promoting the Construction of Northeast Asia International Shipping Center" was promulgated and implemented, and the "Master Plan of Taipingwan Port Area of Dalian Port" was successfully approved. The Asia-Pacific-Northeast Corridor Container Sea-Rail Multimodal Transport Demonstration Project was named the "National Multimodal Transport Demonstration Project". Ten new container domestic and foreign trade routes will be added in Asia. The airport opened and 7 international routes between Japan and South Korea were encrypted.


The transportation infrastructure network has been continuously improved. Key projects such as the Dalian Metro Line 13, the Lushun Central Passage and the Dalian North Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub have been accelerated. 350 kilometers of new Tongtun oil routes have been built and 450 kilometers of large and medium-sized rural roads have been built. The province has taken the lead in realizing all natural Tuntun oil routes. Zhuanghe has been rated as a national "Four Good Rural Roads" demonstration county.


The level of industry management services has been continuously improved. "Dalian City Public Transport Optimization Development Plan" and "Opinions on Further Supporting the Construction and Development of Urban Rail Transit" were issued. The provincial city public transportation priority development site meeting was held in our city. Dalian's experience was extended to the whole province, and 11 public transportation lines were opened and adjusted. The national demonstration project of the "One Port Link" intelligent logistics cross-border service platform passed the acceptance, eliminating diesel trucks exceeding the standard in the built-up area, and the construction of green transportation and intelligent transportation achieved good results. We have always maintained a high-pressure situation of special rectification focusing on the taxi industry, and the order of the transportation market has improved significantly.


The transportation industry as a whole is safe and stable. Focusing on the guarantee of important festivals, meetings and activities, and focusing on safety inspections and hidden dangers investigation and rectification, 1260 open investigations and unannounced visits were carried out, 1,576 enterprises were inspected, more than 5,216 vehicles and vessels (ships) were inspected, and 1,282 hidden dangers were investigated and rectified, effectively curbing the occurrence of serious accidents.