Our City has Issued Policy Opinions to Support the Stable Production and Operation of New Agricultural Operators

In order to fully implement the national and provincial decisions and arrangements on strengthening the prevention and control of epidemic situations in rural areas, we will actively play the important role of new agricultural operators in ensuring the supply of vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, grain and other daily necessities for residents, and support the stable production and operation of new agricultural operators. Yesterday, learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that The municipal government issued the "Policy Opinions on Supporting New Agricultural Operators to Stabilize Production and Operation in Response to Pneumonia Infected in Novel Coronavirus", Special matters and urgent matters will be handled. Financial support will be increased for new types of agricultural operators such as farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms, large farmers and leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, which encounter difficulties in production and operation, so as to reduce the operating burden and ensure production and operation.


The opinion is clear that in addition to enjoying the policies in the document "Notice of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing Policies and Measures to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Stabilize Production and Operation in Response to Pneumonia Epidemic Infected by Novel Coronavirus", the new type of agricultural operators will also enjoy more support in terms of finance, production and marketing docking, etc.


Increase financial support. The central and municipal governments have allocated special funds to support farmers' professional cooperatives and family farms in a timely manner to ease the shortage of funds for new agricultural operators. A small amount of funds is urgently needed for the new type of agricultural operators to resume work and start work. The total amount of a single household is not more than 200,000 yuan. They will declare through online and other shortcut means, giving priority to quick lending of funds. A certain proportion of financial discount subsidies will be given to the deposit and loan of new agricultural operators who handle loan business in 2019 and the interest of new loans in 2020. The central government will make full use of funds to support farmers' professional cooperatives, family farms and other funds, and give priority to discount support within the budget limit of 10 million yuan. The discount period will be from January 1 to December 31, 2020. The maximum discount amount for a single business entity is not more than 50,000 yuan for large farmers, 100,000 yuan for family farms and 200,000 yuan for farmers' professional cooperatives.


Before June 30, 2020, the Municipal Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. will exempt the policy business of the new type of agricultural operators from guarantee fees, and the Municipal Finance Bureau will give full subsidies at 3%. For the new type of agricultural operators who have encountered temporary difficulties, all kinds of financial institutions have to reasonably withdraw loans, cut off loans and press loans. If repayment is difficult, according to the actual situation, extension and renewal of loans can be adopted to help the new type of agricultural operators tide over the difficulties. For the aquaculture sea with economic losses caused by the epidemic situation, Its sea area use funds may be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Oceanic Administration on Printing and Distributing Measures for the Administration of Reduction and Exemption of Sea Area Use Funds. For the aquaculture sea approved by the people's government at the county level that approved the project sea, which involves the need to pay the sea area use fund during the epidemic situation, the payment time of the sea area use fund in 2020 can be postponed to 2 months after the end of the "first-level response" of the epidemic situation.


Ensure production and operation. On the premise of comprehensively preventing and controlling the epidemic situation, we will support new agricultural operators engaged in the production and operation of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and animal husbandry to give priority to resuming work and production to ensure production and market supply. We will strengthen the docking of production and marketing for large-scale new agricultural operators and build a docking platform for the production and marketing of "vegetable basket" products. Vehicles of new agricultural operators transporting agricultural products and agricultural production materials will be given "green passages" to pass quickly.


The opinion requires that every effort should be made to reduce the burden on business entities. For new agricultural operators who lease land and production facilities of state-owned units, the rent will be waived in February and halved in March and April. For the land and production facilities of the leased collective and other units, the leased units or individuals shall be guided and encouraged to reduce or exempt the rent for the tenants, which shall be settled through negotiation between the two parties. In the allocation of protective and disinfection supplies, should strengthen support for new agricultural operators and give priority to ensuring key supply units.