Chen Qiufa Presided over a Special Meeting of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Liaoning Province

On March 17, Chen Qiufa, secretary of the provincial party Committee, director of the standing Committee of the provincial people's congress and commander-in-chief of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, presided over a special meeting of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Liaoning province to listen to reports on the research and development, production, allocation, use, sales and export of epidemic prevention materials and drugs in our province, to study and solve the existing problems, and to deploy the next epidemic prevention material support work.


Chen Qiufa pointed out that since the outbreak of the epidemic, our province has resolutely implemented the Party Central Committee's various decisions and arrangements. Epidemic prevention materials should be fully protected. The prevention and treatment of the epidemic have achieved remarkable results and should be affirmed.


Chen Qiufa stressed that it is necessary to further implement the requirements of the central government, seize the opportunity of epidemic prevention and control, take the initiative to turn crises into opportunities, fully release Liaoning's epidemic prevention material production capacity, and promote the "troika" to go hand in hand. First, we should continue to strengthen the production of all kinds of epidemic prevention materials. We will further increase the productivity of masks, ensure the resumption of work and the opening of schools, increase the productivity of raw materials such as melt blown cloth, promote enterprises to achieve maximum production capacity, ensure the production demand of masks, increase the research and development of various ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicine and vaccines, strive to promote industrialization and effectively meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control. Second, we should actively face the market demand, especially the international market demand. We will further increase our export efforts. On the basis of meeting the demand of the domestic market, we will do a good job in the accurate docking of production and demand and promote the export of epidemic prevention materials. At present, we should focus on the export of emergency medical materials and medical equipment such as CT machines, masks, protective clothing, thermometers, medicines, etc. to make it a new economic growth point to hedge against the impact of the epidemic. Relevant departments should do a good job in all kinds of services, strengthen communication and docking, open up foreign trade channels, and help support enterprises to develop international markets. Third, it is necessary to further cooperate closely. All relevant departments should further intensify their efforts, strengthen coordination and cooperation, form joint efforts, open up various channels, build various platforms, create conditions for the export of enterprise products and provide good services.


Provincial leaders Chen Lvping and Lu Ke attended the meeting. Major leading comrades and representatives of some enterprises from relevant departments of the province attended the meeting.