Xi Jinping Wrote Back to Encourage All "Post-90s" Party Members of Peking University's Hubei Medical Aid Team

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, wrote back on March 15 to all the "post-90s" party members of Peking University's Hubei Medical Aid Team, extending sincere greetings to them and the vast number of young people struggling on all fronts of epidemic prevention and control.


Xi Jinping said in his reply that in the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control struggle, your young people, together with the vast number of epidemic prevention and control personnel who fought bravely on the frontline, took the bull by the horns, charged ahead, gave up their lives and forgot their deaths, demonstrating the vigorous strength of youth and handing over qualified answers. The vast majority of young people have proved with their actions that the Chinese youth in the new era are good and worthy of great responsibilities.


Xi Jinping pointed out that if the younger generation has ideals, abilities and responsibilities, the country will have a future and the nation will have hope. I hope you will work hard to thrive in serving the people, hone your will and quality in hard struggle, increase your working skills in practice, continue to fight hard in the post of saving the dead and helping the wounded, so as to drive the majority of young people to bear heavy burdens bravely without fear of wind and rain, and let youth blossom brilliantly in the places where the Party and the people need it most.


In this fight against the epidemic, the younger generation, represented by the "post-90s" generation, stepped forward and took on the responsibility of dedication, fully demonstrating the spiritual outlook of the Chinese youth in the new era. Of the more than 42,000 medical personnel who came to Hubei, more than 12,000 were "post-90s", and quite a few of them were "post-95s" or even "post-00s". Recently, 34 "post-90s" members of Peking University's Hubei Medical Aid Team wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting on the rescue of lives on the frontline of anti-epidemic and expressing their determination to continue to play the role of Party members and contribute to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.