No.5 Decree of Liaoning Provincial Headquarters for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

CPC Municipal Committees, Municipal People's Governments, Shenfu New District Administrative Committee, member departments of the provincial headquarters, and provincial (central) departments:


To implement the spirit of Chinese President Xi Jinping's important speech on February 3 and the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, coordinate the work of reform, development, and stability, and unify the thinking and overall planning based on the detailed work of epidemic prevention and control, practical and firm measures will be introduced to support enterprises to start or resume businesses and maintain stable and healthy economic and social development. Through the studies and reviews of the province's Headquarters for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, it is decided to issue the following orders:


1. Stabilize enterprise production by epidemic prevention and control and ensure epidemic prevention and control with enterprise production. Relevant enterprises in the administrative region of the province that are involved in guaranteeing urban operation and providing necessities for enterprise production, epidemic prevention and control, people's livelihood and important national economy and people's livelihoods, should keep operating and, at the same time, do a good job of epidemic prevention and control of the returning employees.


2. Coordinate and balance epidemic prevention and control and resumption of major projects. Focus should be given to major projects and major programs. Work that can be resumed should be resumed as soon as possible, and work that is ready to start should speed up, in order to ensure a stable and healthy development of economy coupled with prevention and control of the epidemic.


3. Improve the epidemic prevention and control system of enterprises which resume production. The epidemic prevention and control mechanism should be established, with principal person in charge being responsible, establish a real-time health file for returning employees, prepare isolation rooms, key epidemic prevention supplies should be guaranteed as well. Enterprises are encouraged to be equipped with necessary medical staff, ready to respond to any emergencies. It is necessary to arrange production in an orderly way and reduce staff flows in workplaces.


4. Strengthen supervision and service guarantee of the enterprises. All relevant departments should improve awareness, with a high sense of political responsibility, strictly implement the level I response requirements for public health emergencies, and get actively involved in the inspection and supervision of production resumption. Besides, coordination work and necessary service should be guaranteed, communication way of telephone and Internet are encouraged, necessary legal services should be provided, and difficulties encountered should be coordinated and resolved.


5. Adopt daily report system in the enterprises. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of all cities must follow the situation of enterprises in an in-depth way, closely keep track of production resumption, and report to the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters daily, together with other major situations.


NCP Epidemic Prevention and Control

  Liaoning Provincial Headquarters

  February 7, 2020