Tang Yijun Went to Dalian to Investigate and Guide Epidemic Prevention and Control Work

On February 3, Tang Yijun, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor of Liaoning Province and commander-in-chief of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, went to Dalian to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control work and to visit the vast number of medical staff fighting in the frontline. He stressed that the prevention and control of the epidemic situation is at a critical juncture. We should conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and instructions on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, focus on the compaction responsibility, focus on the implementation, firmly grasp the reality of all aspects of the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and make every effort to build a solid defense line for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.


In the video conference room of Dalian Sixth People's Hospital, Tang Yijun connected with the expert team of the emergency ward to inquire in detail about patient treatment, hospital prevention and control, etc. He said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, you have worked tirelessly and continuously to treat the patients with great love, benevolence and superb medical skills. On behalf of the provincial Party committee and government, I would like to pay tribute and thank you. I hope you will do everything possible and do your best to improve the cure rate. Tang Yijun paid close attention to the construction of the regional centralized treatment center. He came to the reconstruction site of the negative pressure ward, asked in detail about the progress of the project, the number of beds, etc., and coordinated to solve the existing difficulties and problems. He stressed that efforts should be stepped up to speed up the progress, promote the construction of regional centralized treatment centers, and strive to be completed and put into operation as early as possible.


Later, Tang Yijun presided over a symposium to fully affirm the phased achievements made in Dalian's epidemic prevention and control work. He stressed that the current is the key stage of epidemic prevention and control, and it is necessary to further tighten the "responsibility chain" of five levels of prevention and control and layer upon layer implementation, to play a "combination fist" of strict prevention, accurate control and effective treatment, and to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control war. First, prevention and control measures should be further implemented. Compaction responsibility, multi-pronged approach, multi-measures simultaneously, so that cadres do not slack off, work does not slacken their efforts, really make the implementation of various measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation in place, in order to achieve solid results. Second, the prevention and control efforts at the source should be further strengthened. Adhere to the forward movement of the gateway, the extension of the defense line, and the expansion of the points, so as to prevent and control until there are no gaps in people and no dead corners when measures are in place, and weave a tight network of "preventing input, output and proliferation". Third, the construction of centralized treatment centers should be further accelerated. According to the principle of "four concentrations", adhere to optimizing the process, strict standards, ensuring quality, coordinating resources, and making every effort to ensure the health and life safety of patients. Fourth, the prevention and control of the epidemic situation during the return peak should be further strengthened. Strengthen the analysis and evaluation of personnel flow information, know the source, know the destination, judge accurately, act quickly, and do everything possible to cut off the source of infection and block the transmission chain.


Tang Yijun finally stressed that, according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strictly implement relevant epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure the supply of important production and living materials during the epidemic prevention and control period, organize and ensure urban and rural operation, epidemic prevention and control, energy supply, transportation and logistics, medical materials, production of daily necessities, public service window units, major projects, major projects and other enterprises and institutions involved in important national economy and people's livelihood to start normal operation from February 3 to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production do not miss each other.


Provincial and Dalian leaders Tan Zuojun and Lu Ke participated in the research.