Our Province Has Achieved Full Coverage of Medical Insurance for the Poor

In recent years, Liaoning Provincial Medical Security Bureau has stepped up medical security for the poor in response to problems such as returning to poverty due to illness. At present, except for special reasons such as the loss of some poor people, it has achieved full coverage of medical security for the poor with filing cards.


Liaoning Province has also increased the preferential payment of serious illness insurance and medical assistance to the poor to reduce the burden of medical expenses on the poor. According to reports, at present, the deductible for serious illness insurance for the poor has been reduced by 50%, the maximum reimbursement rate has been uniformly implemented by 70%, and no cap line has been set. The proportion of poverty-stricken people receiving assistance for serious diseases has increased from 60% to 65%, and some cities have increased to 70%. In addition, Liaoning Province has also cooperated with relevant departments to implement special treatment for 25 serious diseases of the rural poor and rehabilitation assistance for poor disabled children.


In recent years, Liaoning Province, in accordance with the requirements of "drawing the bottom line, weaving a dense net and establishing a mechanism", has also successively carried out the work of integrating and improving the medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, establishing and improving the outpatient medication guarantee mechanism for hypertension and diabetes for urban and rural residents, and improving the level of protection for major diseases of children.


Taking improving the level of protection for children's major diseases as an example, Liaoning Province has unified the application of special food for children's phenylketonuria into the protection for serious illness of urban and rural residents, with an annual reimbursement amount of not less than 15,000 yuan, effectively easing the economic burden of this special group of families. In addition, with the support of the Liaoning Disabled Persons' Federation, the problem of medical expenses for cochlear implantation for children with severe hearing impairment has been properly solved, with an average reimbursement of more than 100,000 yuan.