The 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 5th Dalian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition Awards Ceremony Held

The 2019 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Dalian Division) and the 5th Dalian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition have officially ended since they were launched in April 2019. On January 4, the award ceremony of the competition was held in Dalian News Media Group's 600 square meters Studio, paying tribute to Dalian's innovative power.


Since the launch of the 5th Dalian Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, 634 science and technology enterprises have been recruited to participate in the competition according to the start-up enterprise group and the growth enterprise group respectively. Six major industries, namely, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, Internet, bio-medicine, new materials and electronic information, have been set up. The number of entries and the quality of the events reached record highs. Through the examination, 495 enterprises entered the preliminary competition. After strict evaluation of the preliminary competition, the semi-finals and the final competition, each industry finally produced one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes for the growth enterprise group, and one first, two and three third prizes for the start-up enterprise group. A total of 54 enterprises won the awards. The Dalian competition area recommended 29 enterprises to represent Dalian in the national industry finals, and 8 enterprises won the Outstanding Enterprise Award, demonstrating Dalian's entrepreneurial style.


The organizing committee has organized ten thematic activities for participating enterprises. Focusing on the six service elements of "creation, publicity, service, investment, loan and financing", We are committed to turning the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition into a platform for projects to connect capital. And organize special lectures, tutors' explanations, competition training, Invite domestic and foreign investment institutions, incubators, banks, funds, securities dealers, etc. to interact with the contestants to provide more high-value services for the contestants, accelerate the growth of scientific and technological enterprises and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, help scientific and technological enterprises and innovation platforms to settle in Dalian, and further release high-quality development functions, with a view to boosting scientific and technological entrepreneurship. So far, the Organizing Committee of the Competition has held 29 events with 5,000 participants, attracting more than 100 well-known investment institutions and more than 10 enterprises to successfully obtain various comprehensive financing amounting to 140 million yuan.


A large number of "double-creative" elites have grown rapidly in the market competition. Through the establishment of new enterprises, the creation of new models, the application of new technologies, the manufacture of new products and the development of new markets, they have made important contributions to the accumulation of social wealth, the creation of jobs and the promotion of economic and social development while continuously improving the core competitiveness of enterprises. In an interview with reporters on the spot, the heads of Xihuan Technology and Yuhua Interactive Technology expressed their gratitude to the platform of the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, and to Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and relevant departments for their attention to the entrepreneurship environment and support for the entrepreneurship companies. We will explore excellent investment targets, continue to deepen and lay out, and let enterprises grow rapidly.


The bonus amount will be increased again in this competition. Among them, the first prize is 200,000 yuan, the second prize is 100,000 yuan, and the third prize is 60,000 yuan (regardless of groups). Enterprises that represent Dalian in the national industry finals and have won the excellence award (including excellence award) or above will be given 1: 1 supporting support according to the national award policy. The upgrading of the incentive policy shows that Dalian has vigorously implemented the strategy of opening up and strengthening the city's industry in recent years. Around the construction of a national innovative city, Dalian has continuously stimulated the vitality of innovation, and has taken various measures to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, providing strong support for the overall revitalization.