Dalian Customs Implements "Early Declaration" and Superimpose "Two-step Declaration"

According to Dalian Customs, at 11: 55 on January 2, Lvshun Customs completed the examination of Dalian Waidai Customs Broker Co.,Ltd. 's early declaration of imported Japanese hot rolled non-alloy steel plates in only 20 seconds. This batch of 111 steel plates, weighing 213.4 tons and worth about 131,250 US dollars, is the first imported goods released by Dalian Port in 2020 using the "two-step declaration" to complete the examination and approval of the customs declaration form.


According to reports, Dalian Customs has fully implemented the "two-step declaration" reform since January 1, 2020. "Two-step declaration" means that before the cargo arrives at the port, Enterprises can submit 9 items of necessary information to meet the needs of port safety access supervision through summary declaration based on bill of lading information for declaration. If there is no inspection instruction, the customs can directly release it after examination. Enterprises can make a complete declaration to the customs within 14 working days, and supplement and submit the complete information and accompanying documents. The "two-step declaration" reform of the customs has facilitated enterprises to quickly extract imported goods by simplifying the declaration procedures at the port links, shortened the time for goods to stay in the port, further saved the cost of customs clearance logistics, and released the reform dividend of customs clearance integration.