"Dalian 2049 City Vision Plan"  Solicitation of Opinions Completed

"Dalian 2049 City Vision Plan" solicits opinions. Although the solicitation has been closed, there are still opinions and suggestions from citizens and netizens, which reflects the public's love for the city and the direction of public opinion. It is a good start for the next step to realize Dalian 2049 City Vision.


The draft has aroused widespread discussion on the Internet, with more than 100,000 readings of relevant information published on the website of the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, WeChat Public Number and mainstream media dual micro platforms. In the feedback, more than 60% wrote more than 1,000 words and more than 90% were supported by arguments. Among them are not only local citizens, but also netizens who live abroad and pay close attention to Dalian's development. There are not only professional researchers, but also civil servants, entrepreneurs, university teachers, farmers, employees in various industries, etc. The reporter combed and found that industry, talents, transportation, culture and business environment are the more concentrated contents involved in the feedback. In terms of industry, it focuses on giving full play to the advantages of traditional industries and laying out new industries in advance. In terms of talents, more emphasis is placed on attracting young people with high knowledge to settle down in succession, and how to form a virtuous circle between the development of the recruitment industry and the attraction of talents. The transportation aspect emphasizes the important role of transportation planning in urban development. In terms of business environment, there is a high voice for further optimizing the business environment.


On the whole, citizens and netizens generally agree with the city vision and goals set forth in the draft. On the issue of "the spatial layout of Dalian's future development", the unsigned feedback suggested that under the condition of limited space, Dalian should develop northward in the future. Government agencies and directly under the authority can be considered to move first and reasonably guide the transfer of manpower, material resources and financial resources to the new urban area. Jing Ye, a citizen, suggested that priority should be given to the development of a key area in the area near the old city. First, a central demonstration new area should be built to form a new business card for the city, and then it should be used as the core to spread to the surrounding areas. Enthusiastic citizens "Yangzhou scrambled eggs" believe that Dalian is surrounded by the sea on three sides and lacks the conditions for further outward extension. They can learn from the first and second tier cities built in hilly areas to develop the city scale.