Dalian City to Launch Full Coverage Pilot of "Separation of Certificate and License" Reform in Free Trade Zone

Yesterday, the municipal government held a city-wide "Separation of Certificate and License" reform pilot deployment conference. Responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision, Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian District Administrative Committee, the Municipal Business Bureau and other units (departments) respectively arranged relevant work at the meeting, and leaders of 37 directly related departments of the Municipality including the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Justice and the Dalian Customs and responsible persons of relevant departments and offices attended the meeting.


Starting from December 1, Liaoning Pilot Free Trade Zone Dalian District Administrative Committee will carry out the pilot program of "Separation of Certificate and License" reform to cover all 523 items set at the central level and all business license items set at the local level, and implement the full-coverage list management. In addition to vital public interests such as national security, public security, financial security, ecological security and public health, in order to reduce the number of approvals and issue certificates as far as possible and solve the problem of "no access to business", four measures should be taken to promote the reform, namely, directly cancel the examination and approval, change the examination and approval to the record keeping, implement the notification commitment, and optimize the examination and approval service, respectively, for the business license items involved in the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses". According to statistics, in terms of optimizing the examination and approval service, the time for examination and approval in our city has been reduced from the legal average of 18 days to an average of 8.4 days, with an average reduction of more than 53%. In the aspect of informing promise examination and approval, the time of examination and approval is from the legal average of 11 days to the immediate desirability, which benefits the enterprise obviously.


The meeting pointed out that the "separation of certificates and licenses" reform is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and is also a key reform task set by the provincial and municipal governments in 2019. In order to promote the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses", we must break down the traditional model of batch management and the inherent barriers between departments, and carry out the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses" with high quality in accordance with the principle of "reduction of certificates after licensing" and the four reform methods, not only to complete the reform tasks stipulated by the state, but also to make breakthroughs, change out of Dalian characteristics and change out of Dalian leading.


The meeting demanded that for administrative approval items that do not meet the conditions for cancellation at present, the service should be optimized through online processing, simplification of procedures, streamlining of materials, reduction of links, and reduction of time limit, so as to gradually realize the classified management of all administrative approval items related to market access in accordance with the reform mode of "separation of certificates and licenses" and achieve full coverage. We should improve the new supervision mechanism based on "double-random and one-open", supplemented by key supervision and credit supervision, and explore the establishment of a more market-oriented supervision system. We will continue to carry out actions to reduce the number of certificates and facilitate people's access to them, and implement inventory management of certificates that really need to be retained. We will speed up the development of "Internet plus government affairs services," standardize the review of items, work processes, and data exchange, and achieve data and information connectivity. We will further optimize and integrate and upgrade the "one-stop" function of government affairs service halls at all levels, so as to promote the "one-network-one-service", "one-door-only" and "one-run at most" among the masses of enterprises. Strengthen the organization and leadership, refine the division of work, improve the working mechanism, and further clarify and implement the guiding responsibilities of relevant departments directly under the municipal (central) level and the main responsibilities of the Free Trade Zone Management Committee.